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Our Telegram Groups are ever expanding, more than our official community group, our community members have pushed the boundaries of discussion in all areas, from Philosophical discussions to very indepth technical discus…

How can we tell if we are not already in a computer simulation? [The Future of Reality] (6)
Will virtual reality become indistinguishable from actual reality? [The Future of Reality] (8)
What is the nature of reality? [The Future of Reality] (9)
Hello, from Riddle [Hello World] (2)
What will homes be like in the Smart Cities of the future? [The Future of Cities] (11)
Energy Disaggregation for Future AGI Microgrids [Applications] (14)
SingularityNET is hiring! Will you join the movement? [Comics by SingularityNET] (10)
SingularityNET x Nature2.0 Meetup this 29th of January in Amsterdam! [Bulletin] (1)
Toward AI-Guided Regenerative Medicine with SingularityNET [Blog] (12)
How can we protect our voting systems from AI bots and fake news? [The Future of Politics] (13)
Hey technical life... all creatures welcome \o/ [Hello World] (2)
What is the meaning of 42? ( 2 ) [Random] (23)
A little boy named Yulen fell down a well and is awaiting rescue [Applications] (1)
Will Reputation Staking Be Available In Beta Come February? [Forum FAQ] (3)
How would you feel if your next president was an AI? [The Future of Politics] (15)
What do you think it will be like living in a smart city? [The Future of Cities] (2)
AI citizenship [Hello World] (1)
Hi - I am Arif (Marketing Operations Lead @SingularityNET). Great to be here! [Hello World] (7)
ESSAY: Thoughts on moderation policies and guidelines for decentralized communities [Creatives] (6)
The Dreams of Satoshi - Episode 4 [The Dreams of Satoshi - Graphic Novel] (1)
I want a Lil Sophia [FAQ] (1)
How can we efficiently and cleanly power smart cities? [The Future of Cities] (5)
SingularityNET 2018 Recap (Monthly Update #7) [Bulletin] (2)
AGI learning/academia [Futurology] (2)
What will city centers look like in the future? [The Future of Cities] (2)
SingularityNET Monthly Updates #6 [Bulletin] (3)
Syllabus: Brains, Minds & Machines [Course: Brains, Minds & Machines] (3)
Lesson 3: Development of Intelligence [Course: Brains, Minds & Machines] (8)
Lesson 4: Visual Intelligence [Course: Brains, Minds & Machines] (7)