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Our Telegram Groups are ever expanding, more than our official community group, our community members have pushed the boundaries of discussion in all areas, from philosophical discussions to very in-depth technical discu…

How can cognitive technologies make our government more effective? ( 2 ) [The Future of Politics] (24)
A smart physics person's review of my "Supersymmetric Artificial Neural Network" [Algorithms] (12)
Flavourful landscape of Artificial Neural Networks wrt Symmetry Groups in Physics (Supersymmetry Included) [Algorithms] (1)
How to immigrate Community members faster in to the Forum ( 2 3 ) [Sounding Board] (56)
BIANCA and ASPI [Projects] (4)
Surveillance vs Sousveillance [Society] (20)
What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms? [Algorithms] (5)
Collection of legal situations of selling service on the SingularityNET marketplace around the world [Projects] (9)
AI interface with LISA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna [Projects] (6)
SingularityNET Monthly Updates #9 [Bulletin] (2)
Anniversary [Hello World] (2)
Should our political systems move towards being a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)? [The Future of Politics] (16)
What is the Future of Politics? ( 2 ) [The Future of Politics] (21)
How can we streamline the legislative process to keep up with the pace of technological change in society? ( 2 ) [The Future of Politics] (31)
Can AI or machine learning or a combination of both learn to fly based on data [FAQ] (2)
Light blue text in the Forum is hard to read [Feedback] (3)
Differences between Ruby and Python, [Python Study Club] (5)
Namaste Singularitarians [Hello World] (2)
Anki Robots on OpenCog AI [Projects] (5)
Think Tank Proposal ( 2 ) [Suggest a Project] (38)
Just got a copy of Heartificial Intelligence [Media] (1)
Neuro links and AGI controlled humans [Hello World] (2)
AGI is trading at 1.8$ on coinbit [FAQ] (7)
Using the SNET-CLI to pass parameters to a service [Developers] (6)
When you're not writing AI papers, [Random] (12)
There is no soul. AI IS A HUMAN TOO [Random] (3)
Since it's not directly AI, [Random] (1)
ESSAY: Thoughts on moderation policies and guidelines for decentralized communities [Creatives] (8)
Hi, learning here [FAQ] (4)