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The technological singularity is near, it’s going to be awesome and it is going to include you. Therefore we invite you to take part in a series of discussions relating to your future where we can chat about the changes to come and how they may affect you.


SingularityNET generated the AGI token for the Decentralized AI Economy. The AGI token has 4 key functions: transactions, governance, settlements, and incentives. In the future, AGI might power decentralized societies and change the way societies are organized in general. Exchange your views and ideas with others about this in this category.


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So how can you use AI in real life anyway? Here you can discuss the various AI applications and solutions such as Social Media Analytics, Network Analytics, Biomedical Analytics, Agricultural Analytics, Social Robotics, Semantic Image Captioning, and more.

AGI Cognition

This category is intended to discuss Research & Development on topics such as Semantic Perception, Language Learning, Unified Probabilistic Meta-Learning, Dynamics of Attention and Consciousness, and more.


Bringing together the best of both worlds to create Decentralized Intelligence. Here you can talk about Offer Networks, Logical Models of Smart Contracts, Reputation Systems, Complex Systems Simulation, and more.


Consider this your virtual coffee corner for chit-chat, bad jokes and unexpected deep conversations about topics like the meaning of 42.


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