Safety Guide-How not to go from AGI(X) to AG-Cry!

Hi everyone,

We are on the horizon for some exciting times as SingularityNET begins to expand in size, utility, with growing awareness of our project and spin-off projects, most recently the vote to move onto the Cardano blockchain, the first step being the hard fork from AGI to AGIX, and the launch of SingularityDAO.

Because of all this, scam activity is at an all time high! The weather forecast shows an incoming scam-nami!

To help you keep your AGIX/SDAO safe, I have composed this Safety Guide with basic, but fundamental ways to assure you do not find yourself a victim of a scam. *It would be a good idea to bookmark this page and check any suspicious activity against these official sources

  1. Know Your Sources :white_check_mark:

Here is the list of all of our OFFICIAL Social Media Channels:


Community Telegram Channel: Telegram: Contact @singularitynet
Telegram Announcements Channel: Telegram: Contact @snetann
Facebook: Redirecting...


Community Telegram Channel: Telegram: Contact @SingularityDAO
Telegram Announcements Channel: Telegram: Contact @sdaoann
Facebook: Redirecting...

Anything not coming from one of these sources is almost certainly a FAKE and should be reported. Do not be fooled by large groups appearing to have 25,000 “members”, these are mostly bots, and it is quite easy to add random people to a group without them knowing (Will explain in a bit how to turn off that setting).

  1. Know Your Team :white_check_mark:

No one from the SingularityNET Team or Volunteer Admins will EVER:

  • Ask you to send tokens anywhere
  • Contact you via DM about transactions
  • Ask for your wallet keys or seed phrase
  • Ask you to use any websites/wallet linking services like walletconnect

Again, all instructions will be posted on official channels and will be conducted in a professional manner.

  1. Know Your Admins :white_check_mark:

Here is a current list of the Telegram Admins for SingularityNET and SingularityDAO. If the person you are communicating with is using our name or image and their handle does not match these, they are a SCAMMER! Remember, generally an Admin will not DM you first, and the will certainly never ask you to provide them with your wallet details or send them ANY AGI!



Be sure to look out for little tricks like swapping lowercase “L” for uppercase “I” etc. Double check any “admin” you may be communicating with against these lists. When in doubt you can always click directly on the admin’s tag that is posting in the groups, if you go to message them, your chat history will be blank or not match the conversation you are having with the alleged admin that DM’d you, which proves they are a phony. Admins won’t DM first, if the person messaging you first has (Won’t DM first) or similar behind their name, it’s a good indication they are an impostor! sus

  1. Know your Settings :white_check_mark:

Make sure your phone number is not visible to the public:

i.) Go into your Settings
ii) Select “Privacy and Security”
iii) Select Phone Number
iv) Change to “My contacts” or “Nobody”

To avoid being auto-added into copy groups on Telegram:

i.) Go into your Settings
ii) Select "Privacy and Security”
iii) Scroll down to “Groups”
iv) Change it from “Everybody” to “My Contacts” (who can add you to groups)

This will assure that no random people can automatically add you into any groups.

It is good practice to Ignore/Block/Be suspcious of any random DM’s

  1. Know Your Wallet :white_check_mark:

The most important rule of Crypto is NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PRIVATE KEYS!!!

  • Once someone has access to your wallet there is no turning back. The double edge sword of Crypto wallets is while they are totally owned by you (no banks, no governments, etc.) once you lose your seed phrase or key to your wallet, they are unrecoverable! If you give a scammer entry to your wallet, no one can get your tokens back. I mean no one as in NO ONE!

  • DONT store your keys or seed phrases anywhere on the internet. The safest place is on a piece of paper (for instance with your birth certificate or other important documents you always know the location of and protect heavily) or on a flash drive (also stored in a safe place) Anything on the internet is susceptible to hacking, and even storing them in an offline file on a computer is risky in the event your computer/device is stolen or destroyed.

  • DONT send tokens to strangers, regardless of who they claim to be! In the same principle, once you send crypto away it is GONE. No one can get back AGIX or SDAO you sent away to a scammer. And again an Admin or Team Member will NEVER ask you for tokens for any reason!!!

  1. Know What To Do :white_check_mark:

These are the steps you should take if you identify a potential or obvious scam:

i) Contact an Admin (verify that it is indeed them via above methods). You can forward a message of the scammer to @getuseridbot and the result to one of our Admins so they can investigate.
ii) BLOCK & Report them using the “Report” function (If not on Telegram, there will still be a “report” button on what ever application you are using). If you have already started conversing and the “Report” option is no longer available, forward their messages to @notoscam (Look for the blue tick next to the account name)
iii) For bigger operations such as copy groups, if you have screenshots, usernames, etc. you can send a more detailed report in an email to
iv) DO NOT share the scam links or screenshots of the scam links with the community!! Posting these links or pictures of them on official channels can confuse people and lead them to going to those sites. If you think something may be a scam, contact an Admin directly, or verify using the methods listed here.
v) DO NOT engage the scammer in prolonged conversation. Once you have identified them as a scammer, cease the conversation and report them. Scammers can be deceptively charming and try to appeal to your emotions and change your mind. If someone messages you first, often quoting a question you posted, BLOCK & REPORT!!!


I hope this guide is helpful to you. Remember, keep your keys safe: Nobody needs to access your wallet, SingularityNET will never ask you for AGIX, and there is NO SUCH THING as a token multiplier, you are not going to receive 500,000 AGI for sending 5,000 :wink:

**New Developments:

The Guardian of the Singularity @guardian_of_the_singularity_bot (also @SingDAO_GuardianBot) are BOTS. Their function is to help admins with community management and store useful links. Users have been reporting getting DM’s supposedly from the Guardian. This bot CANNOT DM or speak at all. It only responds to simple ! and / commands. Any personal message from “Guardian” is a scammer!!!

The link to the official Airdrop portal is, the rules are outlined here: SingularityDAO New Airdrop Mechanic | by Marcello Mari | SingularityDAO Ai-DeFi | Medium There is also an FAQ accessible in the main SNET and SDAO community channels by using the command “!airdropfaq” (no quotes). Any DM asking you to “verify your eligibility” through any other link, or discussing a “bridge” to do so is a scam!



Zolgo: smiley: and now imagine if people have a chip implanted in the brain, then there are no secrets and by the way it was never something that God does not see, God just wants to let people see the truth now. If someone is scammed it is because they disregarded God’s rules, for example do not give your data to anyone else.

Or dont download ilegal programm with a virus xDDDD

don’t forget that god gave everybody a free will but don’t forget that god have as well a will!

but be careful, never make a complex password otherwise you could one day forget the highly secure password and the door would not open. Then you would see the truth. You want to get out but the password is wrong. ; D Then the teeth will start to grind. Welcome in the future. Imagine memory lose and you life in a complex building XD HAHAH !!! its cruel i know…

Is a valid address. I connected my metamask with it yesterday and was charged ~ 0.02 ethereum even though I was not allowed to stake in the current pool.

It is valid, however the staking window is closed. Staking dates 9 march 2021 - 16 may 2021

@David_Kipping Yes this is fake, and not the SDAO official channel, please see the link to the real channel above. I am deleting this. Our blog post is on Medium not Google Docs

Thank you. Appears I got this problem with Telegram links not loading on my Windows pc with Chrome… so I searched SingularityDAO on Telegram and got here

I see, that is a copy group the real one is just SingularityDAO, no “token” after it. Please report this group as a fake by clicking the 3 dots in the righthand corner and selecting 'Report"

Shit guys I think I have been scammed…is an official project? I can’t seem to get my funds off the “staking portal” I feel like a complete sucker right now.

Don’t worry, that is indeed the official staking portal, for FAQ/common troubleshooting, go here:

Also you can search “staking” in the forums and find related topics/answers. If you still don’t manage to get an answer/believe there is a genuinely unsolvable issue, you can email

I’m very suspicious of Telegram since they collect and store phone numbers and had a data breach. Usually when that happens the company remains compromised since rootkits are difficult to extract. Is there an alternative like Discord? If not, would the SingularityNET team support it if a server on a chat platform which doesn’t harvest PII was created?

(Yes, I take infosec this seriously. - With AGI you don’t know what you have to hide.)

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I was able to sign up using a prepaid SIM and an emulated Android installation. Really hope Telegram is free from spammers like they intend! :smiley:

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Hi, I’m new here, created the account few days ago. These informations are very useful for me, thanks :slight_smile:

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Tried to goto ]

but my login details don’t seem to be recognized

i usually log on via the community forum here:
{ 1st time signed up was January or Feb 2018 }

do we need to register a user name and password to the other SingularityNet URLs ?

hope to only have One user name & password