How to immigrate Community members faster in to the Forum


Telegram is a chaos but better accessible via phone. And people are there to follow multiple projects / conversations (and in real time). So just those really interested in SNET would come here on a regular basis.


Banned from telegramā€¦ Again.




Thanks Adersonā€¦ Due to the two prior warnings for breaches, I have decided to migrate to our Forum.


When do we start setting up our crowd sourced AGI layer? Blockchain timeā€¦


Hi Joe,

Can you expand upon what you mean here please?

Thank you.


I have sent an email via our website seeking some strategic feedback on the blockchain aspects of the projectā€¦ I am seeking some more secure means of making a contribution. (I got a fake Aderson DM on telegram as well)


Yes we are dealing with this person or people who are to quote from another source ā€˜impersonating an officerā€™ā€¦ :wink: