How to immigrate Community members faster in to the Forum


That’s great, but that qualification doesn’t all-of-a-sudden make your opinion more important than mine. Many people have managed all sorts of companies that aren’t at all qualified to do so, but are in that position. (certain presidents come to mind)

You are obviously a great contributor and have great ideas, but there are also more than two ways to look at this.


But if a proportion of your target market preferred the library or spending time in the park?

How do you think those people will think, when you tell them that those that prefer the nightclub are somehow more privileged?


I say let them spend time at the park, knowing that there might not be good WiFi. :wink:


I think a chat and a forum serves two completely different purposes, and both can co-exist. :smile: Although we do want to motivate the community to move of course. For now, I am working on the dev side a bit more before putting it on steroids :wink:. Will change shortly.


It’s just a simple way to drive adoption. It is used in many industries and by marketers and it is quite effective. It is not about being more privileged at all. I’m sensitive to matters of privelege and I don’t think this qualifies.


Be careful with steroids… They can make important bits shrivel :joy:


haha That’s funny.

Here’s the thing, one of the best marketers around, Neil Patel, uses this very technique in order to build email lists. It’s very effective.


I really hope you don’t know this from personal experience! :wink:


People will want to be here because of the amazing interesting engaging content we put here… no pressure :slight_smile:

Not to mention the utility of engaging directly with the developers…

It will take time…


As they should. Totally agree and am not advocating for the removal of Telegram. I think it caters to a different interaction style, which some appreciate, and I, at times, have obviously appreciated. I will be spending almost all of my spare time contributing to the new forum, though. I see it as a major key in the development of a thriving community of not just enthusiasts and HODLers, but, more importantly, developers, and not just the current team.


Regarding the content dump --> definitely not planning to do it like that :stuck_out_tongue: However, interesting things can be still included in a non-content dump way + where appropriate.


It’ll take more time if we don’t provide proper incentives. --ducks–


Cool, we get to hang out more here then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. This is where I will be spending most of my time too.




And I’m hoping you spend most of your time in the new forum, Tim, resisting the temptation getting lost in the Telegram vortex! We need you here, man.


I prefer forum based discussions, it’s a great way to read and contribute and share and collaborate on coherent ideas.

I have a lot of people I communicate with over telegram, and is great for different reasons.


Thanks everyone. Clarification for me…


You are right. The posts in here can be linked over to Telegramm. The Time delay will always be there just from the simple fact that the post must be linked to there. For some it will be essential and for others not. Staying in the platform you like the most is good too. It is time consuming but will work out somehow.


Just a few thoughts here, maybe there are some tools floating around where there can be some more advanced bot integration into this forum and telegram combined. Think simply a search engine around conversation. I wouldn’t know where to start but this seems like a problem that should be attempted to be solved with an AI solution since this is an AGI forum :thinking:


@Tim @Bryan I think you are both on the right track. I think a single information dump would be information over load and a miss use of a data set of information that has already been created by the community. At the same time pure organic growth is a bit like re inventing a wheel that has been started. A slow role out of that information might be the way to go into this forum 1. To keep people fed with a stream of information and content 2. It can be used a bit like a marketing tool back into the community’s both forum and chats. Food for thought