How to immigrate Community members faster in to the Forum


To Immigrate Telegramm Community members faster I think that there has to be a time delay of News to Telegramm. Stating and doing so many peoples will rush over to have the latest news in here. When I have another idia I write it down here.

Migration to the new forum

@Ryan might be worth considering for the coming month. Any experience with this kind of approach? Do you think it might work?


Please curate the telegram groups for a while yet. Many people will take a while to adjust to the new improved platform… Collect and copy the best bits?


It would be hard to define what those best bits might be given the fact that this forum is only just getting started. By the time the forum really heats up, I’m afraid most people would’ve already migrated over.

I think the energies of the community are best spent creating new content on this forum. People will soon hop on over here once they realize we’ve got a way more cooler party happening over here. :sunny:

Not to mention that most of the developers have adopted this forum, unlike Telegram. Community engagement is looking very strong already considering we launched on the 7th!


Fully agree… The ai/curation of the telegram threads is a current topic on the old telegram dev group channel… I think there are valid points raised… So much valuable data from the last 6 months…


I hope they don’t do a content dump as that would disrupt the organic growth of this forum. From an Cal Fussman interview:

“The Good Shit Sticks”

Cal once asked Harry Crews, novelist and author of A Feast of Snakes and Car, how he could remember anything, given how much booze and drugs he consumed. Harry kept no diary. His response was, “Boy, the good shit sticks.” This was what Cal recalled decades later, when he lost an entire box of research notes in his basement—they’d been soaked by a rainstorm and the pages turned black. Cal’s ultimate piece, written from memory and titled “Drinking at 1,300 Feet,” is incredible. It won a James Beard Award, which is akin to an Oscar in the food world. One of the starting lines in the piece is: “We all know the feeling of wanting to do something so well and so badly that we try too hard and can’t do it at all.” (Ferriss, 2016)

Let It Stick

I say let the good shit stick. If someone has some gems, archive them and weave them in organically into your posts where you can. Otherwise, it might be counterproductive spending time going back, unless, of course, to pull any content I might’ve contributed to the Telegram channels; that would constitute an acceptable use of community cogitations. :joy:

Further, it doesn’t make sense to just do a wholesale dump, out of context, into this forum. If we’re going to do that, then we might as well start dumping Singularity related textual vomits from any source around.

We could start by dumping the entire contents of Ben’s blog into the forum, as that is very valuable. Follow this with a dump of all of his research articles and vast array of books that he’s written, fiction and non. You see where I’m going with this? The point is, all of this information relevant to SingularityNET is, indeed, valuable. But, taken out of context, it could just end up creating an information overload situation, much like what this rant is turning into right now!

We don’t want to get too precious with the Telegram content. Let the good shit stick—and I’m not directing this at anyone in particular, just expressing my thoughts on this matter as I went and looked, and noticed a bit of a debate brewing over in the Developer Telegram channel concerning this.

Okay, didn’t intend to go on about this, but it was brought to my attention that there was an open debate about what to do about the Telegram content archive. I’m just hoping we don’t lose all of the artfully added GIFs. That would be tragic.


No worries. No data dumps… I believe we are in the data science business and we shouldn’t deliver our brand new cars with a horse and cart. My push is to use the data to train an ai. The threads, properly analysed, would make a great base for the Sophia node ai… It would make a good PhD thesis for a singularity university post grad… rnns with NLP would keep the good shit… We will need the wisdom. This time next year we are expected to provide live platform governance…


What a relief; that sounds interesting. I just kept picturing an intern assigned the task of injecting old Telegram posts (GIFs included), stream-of-consciousness-style, at random, into the new forum—an intern with something to prove.

I think I actually might’ve had this nightmare scenario play out in a dream the night before the new forum launched.


Lol, nah, just a use case for ai… “We have the technology”


Good idea :smiley: I will merge this topic with another topic on this. I am working on the web dev side a bit and analyzing the current dynamics on a small scale for the forum. Soon we’ll inject some steroids in this thing.


I will be there as many as I can.


I think curate may be the wrong word. I meant more don’t loose content during transition… To speed up transition… A few thoughts. Price talk is an anchor. Could merchandise be available on new forum? Could a telegram channel be used just for a link? Could the new forum be pitched as snet main platform governance development zone? Should an end of chapter one position be announced by Ben to wind up telegram? (Price talk problem)… Very broadly if the beta release satisfied the SEC, price talk would be OK? A few thoughts…


I don’t think this is a good idea.

We should communicate in all ways, and anywhere where our community is.

We should definitely post relevant information here then use the link from here to post in telegram.

No time delay. :wink:


I think dropping links to interesting and contextually relevant forum content into the Telegram channel could help accelerate adoption and encourage more community engagement from those reluctant to change to a more long-form and permanent discourse architecture.

I’m not sure if you’re referring to the incentivization of users to adopt the new forum via a time delay in major announcements (prioritizing the new forum), but I think it could reward those that engage the community on a deeper level, which I’m in favor of.


We should not penalise our valued membership for their choice of medium or media.

Why create a two tier system of have and have nots? And information is a fluid… It will leak out and you lose control of how it is presented.

No… Any news needs to be expressed at the same time across all media wherever our community is.


It’s not penalizing anyone, just simple economic incentification. This is a very easy way to drive adoption of a new platform, plain and simple. Telegram is a horrid way to develop a long-term, thriving community. It was a great place to start, but it has worn its welcome.

I’m sure it will be a great place for people to discuss the price ad infinitum. Now that we have this great place to exchange ideas and thoughts, without having to scroll endlessly through random price checks and nonsense and trolling and fights and total chaos, that is a very nice thing, indeed.

If people want to hang out in Telegram all day, great, but that’s not going to really help very much in adding good content to the main forum. We need our community to not waste brain cycles on a medium that just throws away all of their efforts and unique contributions.

This new platform does a great job in letting trolls get flagged without having to even engage them, which encourages their behaviour as they are looking for a reaction. I will still pop into Telegram from time-to-time out of habit, but it’s a habit I’d like to break as I often leave it feeling dirty and unclean. Not kosher!

Telegram tends to bring out the worst in people. In just the few days since our new forum has gone live, I have yet to see any of the trolling behaviour I witnessed every hour on the Telegram channel. Any investors or people interested in SingularityNET, developing or otherwise, would better land on the new forum than the old.

First impression is everything and it looks bad if they land into chaos.

I think a short time delay is a tiny price to pay. Emails are already pushed out. Plus, most information that is pushed out isn’t time-sensitive. If there is time-sensitive information, sure, push it out to everyone at once.


We will have to agree to disagree here.

We should give everyone the opportunity to see here and be here, but if they prefer one media over another, who are we to say they are wrong?

Not every one on telegram will prefer a forum environment over a chat environment such as telegram.

We should post important information here and then use the link from here to express the information else where.

This will drive people here and then it’s about capturing them… This will take time to build up… Rome was not built in a day.


As stated in an earlier post, I absolutely agree with this. Link away! People will do this organically. If something is worth sharing, people will! And the time delay could, in this case, be seconds. No big deal. I have no problem with this as it will have them landing on the forum. That’s all I’m asking for, really.


Totally against a time delay… It’s just not the way to go about it.

Sorry but it’s what I think and know to be true from managing a 760 thousand strong community.


And here’s the thing, when someone opens a nightclub, they usually don’t just open up a big open space without special lights and music and drinks and snacks. They do all of these things, and the smart nightclub owners will design the space in ways to encourage interaction (and drinking, of course, which is another way to encourage interaction).

It is not a bad thing to encourage good community engagement in this way, IMHO. Websites encourage a certain type of interaction with their content by making certain elements more visible, more clickable, etc. Advertisers, well, we all know what they do.