Nothing in the universe is the only possibility that has a zero chance of existing


Having studied cosmology and physics most of my adult life, I have been able to travel along in my mind some of the most interesting cosmic highways of discovery.

It wasn’t until I really understood Einstein’s special relativity that I really started to probe into the nature of reality, that road of discovery led me to quantum mechanics and in particular quantum gravity and field theories.

In essence, quantum field theory defines reality as different energy fields that contain energy packet quanta within that field.

Quantum gravity goes one step further and looks deeper at the fundamental level of all reality which looks very different to what one might expect, a sea of chaos, true randomness. I detailed this in this post.

Space-Time at Planck scales is a sea of randomness which gives rise to all the matter and energy in the universe, it is non-static as a default state and is impossible to flatten completely.

In fact, the measure of the movement of space-time at this level of reality is how we perceive heat, remove heat from a system and you are literally slowing down the movement of space-time at the Planck scale and therefore removing the random potential from a system.

It is possible to use this knowledge to cool down gas and in doing so remove the randomness from this system and thus creating a gas that acts as a single entity, this is known as a Bose-Einstein condensate.

There is also another really mind-blowing and ultimate property of space-time that is caused by this sea of randomness at the fundamental levels of our reality, from chaos comes order and space-time is continuously creating stable loops at this Planck Scale. It turns out that these loops in space-time at Planck scales mathematically have the same properties as particles, leading us to the conclusion that all matter is made of space-time and that everything is connected at a baseline of reality.

Because of this sea of randomness space-time is constantly creating particles, so even in a perfect vacuum, this process takes place, empty space is anything but empty. The creation of what is known as virtual particles occur continuously, they pop into existence with opposite electrical charges and annihilate each other instantaneously, and the resulting energy from the collision remains however and is what is known as Dark Energy or cosmological constant.

The reason I am telling you all this is that there is a point of contention among many people when posed with the following statement, and I needed you the reader to have some background understanding before tackling it.

Nothing in the universe is the only possibility that has a zero chance of existing.


I found Krauss’ flavour of nothing video a few years ago. The concept is especially trivial for atheists to absorb, but reasonably impossible for most theists to reconcile. Fortunately I had discarded theism 6 years ago!