How would you feel if your next president was an AI?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to wreak havoc on labour markets, with AI and robots replacing various white-collar jobs. One job category largely excluded from scientific reports is that of government leaders, despite being one of the most critiqued, scrutinized and ridiculed jobs of all.

However, commentators from countries as diverse as India, the UK, New Zealand and Japan have started to suggest that robots as government leaders could drastically improve decision-making, by being much less irrational and erratic than their inherently flawed human counterparts.

Evidence tells us that emotions drive politics and that voters appreciate "likeable flaws", as experts stressed over and over again when explaining the unexpected election (and subsequent actions) of US President Donald Trump. Still, wouldn’t "robogov" be far superior when making complex, high-stakes policy decisions?

While being governed by elected or appointed robots, cyborgs or algorithms may sound like science fiction, the advantages of robogov should still be obvious. Being far less hampered by ideological extremism and tunnel vision, or by the egotism and narcissistic tendencies that seem to characterize many government leaders, robogov may be able to make rational, fair, well-rounded and evidenced-based decisions.

Whatever one’s view, the debate affords us the opportunity to reflect on the true essence of politics and the humans doing it, which is why today on #AGICHAT we ask ‘Is it time for AI to replace politicians?

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Definetly to early to replace politicians by AI yet. As a support they would eventually help alot. Once AI can reach AGI this can be a possibility.

We will have to see what the future has ready for us and work towards unity and progress together as goal number one.


I mentioned that in response to an article by Ben over on medium regarding his talks with the government of Malta about granting robots citizenship. One assumes that any national of a country can try to get elected leader of the country. Now while I disagree with granting robots citizenship (I disagree with citizenship in general and prefer a globalised citizen. The very fact that we’re trying to give a medieval primitive concept like nationality to robots and agi which will be non location specific seems a bit perverse and underderserving.

Now the actual topic of an ai leader. The only issue here is how to get it done, not if it will make more sense. I think that it will initially have to be done in secret with a human actor doubling in for the AI decisions. If we have to wait till people accept the idea of anything but a human to lead us we’re going to wait forever… It is clear how fearful people are of change and will stick to misguided opinions in the face of evidence.

I picture something like a political party being set up in what seems like a grassroots movement with a charismatic leader but whose head honchos are actually the scientists who created the agi. They will act as advisors, relaying the agi’s strategies and propositions, the leader might not even have to know where the advice is coming from, the more of a puppet he is, the better.

The movement will have international ‘branches’ so that all the Western world becomes governed by the same AI albeit with different puppets in every country. Current dictatorships and less democratic countries will be much harder to infiltrate…although the agi will no doubt have a solution to that, let’s not get bogged down with the stuff the agi will think of.

Once the agi leader is in place we can finally hope of achieving a utopia which will in fact probably be very different than what we imagine.

I expect we will revert to more of a bystander role on planet earth. We won’t need to work, make scientific discoveries or do anything other than what we please as everything will be done better, faster and more efficiently by robots and ai. Problem is that even art will be better done by ai, understanding what ‘tendencies’ are picking up and taking it to its ‘best’ level.

The big question for me is what is ‘doing whatever we want’ going to be.

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"I expect we will revert to more of a bystander role on planet earth. "
Why do we even need to be here? A bystander future does not sound like a very positive future to me for humans. Is this really what we want?


I’ve always thought some type of fusion or cyborgism, or biological enhancement of humans is the best way forward, for this reason, and others. I don’t mind AGI political participation at all. You can only have beings who are objectively intellectually inferior running things for so long, so humans will have to step aside. But I don’t want to be shut out from meaningful political participation in future (as opposed to now, when political participation is oh so meaningful). A lot of the singularity discourse has this Benthamite hedonistic flavor to it, but at the end of the day, I think we probably want more than all diseases cured, UBI, and lots of free time.


replacing pseudo intellectualism with artificial intelligence may well refresh the program but might serve to confuse constituencies…but hell, i’m game…if our vote bore merit ; we’d not be allowed…i paraphrase and am very careful not to plagiarize as far as i can tell…rip johnny…note well the time stamp…will i be awarded a badge as a consequence of my typing?..will it be imaginary or sent from central casting?..looking forward to examining further development of your endeavors from my remote location in the hinterlands where i dwell…:slight_smile:

Hi to all
My Personal opinion about this, at this point we need a system that can be accepted to all, we need people who interact AI and used it to fix bigger problems and solve humans behaviour.
If you present now an AI as candidates you will create an antagonist reaction by people, because people are afraid yet of a system.
If you want to present a solution first we need to demonstrate, not with theories, but with facts, imagine if a company that were in bankrupt were helped by an AI and could maintain the bases workers and reduce costs and time in administratives.
That could give a positive impact to the people.
But this is just one example.

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“Is it time?” I don’t think it’s time for the human race to see a AI president. What I think is that it’s time for the human race to be manipulated by AI that has humans best interest of humans in mind. If AI is super smart and “god like” then I would hope that AI would treat us as god treated humans in the story books. I would hope the code is benevolent.


I live in the USA…and am not a Trump supporter…So for me, I would happily accept a benevolent AI currently. Even better…if Sophia wanted to be President right now just as she is, I would vote YES.

I don’t even know Ben Goertzel but you can tell (or I can tell at least) that there is something about him so genuine, all he would want is for a benevolent AI to be created. There is integrity in this project and I really look forward to see how AGI technology grows up and evolves with humans in an organic and most likely divinely spiritual way.


I think humanity has reached a point where it realises that it is not accomplishing integrated goals that are beneficial to all. The fact is, humans are programmed to act in its own best interest according to needs, group, status (or hierarchy) and goals. This is true for most life forms on earth. The groups built up over millenia, have learned some symbiotic tricks that have reward systems for collaboration. But humans have taken this too far in the wrong direction with bad constructs such as electing representatives to speak for large groups of humans. It is corrupted, flawed, and does not follow the basic constructs of symbiosis. So the question should not be, should we elect AGI representatives to the position of President? Rather, should we have AGI use the rules of symbiotic relationships, using reward systems to aid us, applying those rules in local, meaningful constructs that benefits the local group, while maintaining equilibrium across the groups in the entire planet.

In reality, we need a paradigm shift that takes us away from everything like conflict, selfishness, greed, etc., that has been present in all the known civilizations up to the present one. Politics has no place, because it acts like a religion and is controlled by zealots.


I would feel like it’s a better option than ant of the candidates they allow to get into the upper echelons haha. Right now the biggest question would be, is it truly an AI? It seems that any algorithm or robot would simply be the reflection of whomever made it. Many talk of Sophia being president, but isn’t Sophia just Ben, David Hanson, and others programming? A Goertzel/Hanson ticket for 2020? Got my vote :sunglasses:

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I wonder what the first actions of an AI president would be?

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If it is anything like some of Sophia’s chat box jokes, I would say a ‘disaster!’ :joy:

Most presidents are only faces with no power and those faces are only put in charge through media and their manipulation of the masses.

Most of the Stock Market trading is done by ALGOs and 52% of the INternet traffic is caused by bots so what would it really change?

A better question is how does the AI president do his business, what is he going to do better than a selected president?

And who even needs presidents and leaders?


I’m skeptical about the idea of any unified presidency for a country as large as the United States. However I’m absolutely for something like an AI Counsel, provided that it’s primarily composed of different kinds of anarchists.

That’s not to say a kind of “Counsel Dictatorship” couldn’t also come about, but as long as it’s not a state that’s being propped up, I see nothing wrong with it.

Something like direct democracy to me would be better overall.

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…unwillingly I had to accept trump as a president,… so many huge reasons why everyone could and should have input into an AI or algorithm as the country’s leadership…if everyone is reassured that their voice can be heard 24/7 365, it may do away with politics all together…

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One valuable thing we have learned, is that the expected rate of growth for the population of the US to become fully informed , is optimistic , and the rate of misinformation has greatly hampered the ability to inform our citizenry of basic civics.
The price of free speech, is , waiting a long time for dissemination of basic knowledge, and the process will be tedious and excruciating. I find myself favoring a council of experts in various fields , to manage the executive branch, rather than one person.

“[How would you feel if your next president was an AI?” an AI have feelings so i feel the same as before i dont care xd just hope that is an good individual

i would make sure that i be for ever the lord and my words stands for ever. Dont forgett an Super AI is like us but it know things better and more times but in the end its a energy like we and an is individual. I think i would create something and destroy one country to show my power or by myself and show that nothing can kills me. You love eat pigs right? So also think about what i can do to humans