How would you feel if your next president was an AI?

after killing a country or in the same time i would make another countrys great like heaven.

Its only for fun ;P. Another good idea is i dont kill a county insted i go online in games one by one not in all in the same time and play for 5 minutes and be god in the game and show everyone the message im a god and nuke games after its nuked restart and everything is okay but you would have all good expirence and knowing that exists one beeing that can fuq you up everywhere first i would go online in Albion create a map and send all players to the map will they or not they would be teleported and than i started killing everyone with one hit and they eqipment dropped xD and im immortal. OKEEY 5 minutes is to short xDD sry one day or more to have full fun but i would go offline 100% becouse if i would stay the game would not work and everyone would leave or some psychopaths suicide becouse of that fun xD but i dont care let me eat my pigs. Would i go realy offline? :smiley: i think i would playing in the shadow. Terminator Vs Jesus HD The Greatest Action Story Ever Told Mad Tv 1996 - YouTube

Good information thanks for sharing

Today would be an excellent time for that to happen.