Hello from Germany


Hi, my name is Dany and I am from Germany. I’ve found this AWESOME project after I stumbled across a random video about Sophia. I work as an IT-consultant and I am really fascinated about the possibilities and untrodden paths this project will bring us in the future!! This will be a game changer.



Hi goat2b,

where is your homebase in Germany? Maybe the German speakers here happen to cluster in one area so we could meet for a Weißwurst, Spätzlepfanne, Spreewaldgurke or Labskaus :grin: Or at least coordinate our efforts for the DACH region. I’m based in Munich


Hey Haggard, I’m from munich, too :wink: Munich massive!


Hi Dany! Welcome!

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At least Google seems to be pointing people in the right direction! :sunglasses:



Very interesting graph, setting population against technological advancements. Cool stuff. The Singularity will send our population, quite literally, into the stratosphere and beyond. Human uploads will soon be common, increasing our population non-biologically out into the far interstellar reaches. We will propagate, expanding into every galaxial orifice. Computronium!

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Willkommen in der Community von SingularityNet.


I added a ‘German corner’ just in case: German corner - Ideas for the DACH region


Awesome to have you here. I’ve found that people with your background have a ton of valuable feedback and ideas. Don’t be shy in sharing any of your thoughts with the team on our forum!