German corner - Ideas for the DACH region


Hallo an alle Deutschen, Österreicher, Schweizer, Liechtensteiner, Elsässer, Südtiroler und anderen DACH-Leute,

maybe there’s an opportunity to pool our ressources / interest for SingularityNET in the DACH region in a meaningful way. So if you live here or are passing through and have an idea, need help or just want to meet and talk about AI, say hello and write what’s on your mind.

Hello from Germany

Hey, I’m an 22 yo international law & politics student from Munich, originally from the Heidelberg-Area. I watched your Youtube Channel. This might be a good idea to make some kind of monthly update by the community and to reach a larger audience and to increase transparency. Maybe we can also work together in research, I would enjoy it! :wink:


Hey, yes there is so much going on that it’s difficult to keep track of it all. And there are topics that need proper knowledge to really get them right. For example the thing with Sophia being a citizen of Saudi Arabia. As far as I understand it this is some kind of honorary citizenship, but it would be interesting to look deeper into that subject. There are countries that offer passports / citizenship for sale. So maybe that’s a real possibility for AI. What’s your opinion on that?


“Citizenship” and “Nationality” are human constructed. Why should there be any need for an AI to get a passport at all? This might be only interesting from a legal perspective (can AIs have certain rights / duties?). :smiley:


True. Citizenship and nationality are human constructs. But so are natural language, cars and healthcare. AGI doesn’t need any of that. But if we as humans want to have a meaningful relationship to AGI it would be beneficial if it could adapt to our way of life in as many aspects as possible - maybe even if they are questionable. As soon as there is an AGI people will start to ask questions about its religion, its nationality and its favourite soccer club. If it doesn’t provide an answer it will never be seen as equal. So citicenship will be one of many necessary stepstones to include AI / AGI into human society.


Nationalities: Led to nationalism and many wars incl 2 World wars.
Relgion: Led to crusades, discrimination, murder and holocaust.
Soccer: Modern religion. People beating up themselfs every weekend.

We are building a technology considered more lethal than the atomic bomb. Lets do the same mistakes again! History seems to repeat itself…


you are right. So what would you propose as a solution?

As there is no neutral ground in certain topics (religion: Either you are religious, an agnostic or an atheist) there can be no neutral AGI.

As AI has so much (probably even lethal) possibilities it will be also used to further the cause of nations, religion, soccer, etc. We should be prepared for (more) bots on social media spreading dubious messages and maybe some pretty creative uses of AI. Imagine an AI preaching with unfailable knowledge of some holy scriptures. Or a soccer AI harrassing the players of the opposing team with phone calls in the night before a game.

People already use AI to get an edge on their own agendas. As far as I understand SingularityNET it aims to lead to a beneficial approach for every one. Therefore there have to proactive projects like “” but we also should prepare to find ways how to mitigate projects that aren’t beneficial.

So the more we know about passports, random belief systems and old flaws in human society, the better, right?


Germany seems to be one of the European AI hubs. Do we know which cities are more important? I definitely think there’s work that can be done there.


Hi, I’d say Berlin and Munich are strong, but I’ll check into that topic to find some names.


That would be awesome @haggard


Here are some links that might be interesting.

Research / University




This is a great list! Thank you :smiley:


Hey, Machine Learning Engineer from Lindau, Bavaria here.

Nice to meet so many fellow DACHs here. I think there are also some DACHs working for SingularityNET already.


Hi all,

The German “Wissenschaftsjahr” (science year) project will focus on AI in 2019. This might be an excellent chance to promote SingularityNET and our goals.

I’m involved in a project that hopefully will get some funding. But asides from that maybe we can contribute something useful. The Wissenschaftsjahr is mainly aimed at younger people deciding what to do with their future.

More information is available at

Hallo zusammen,

2019 steht das Wissenschaftsjahr unter dem Motto Künstliche Intelligenz. Vielleicht können wir ja was dazu beitragen. Zum Beispiel ein kurzes Informationsblatt zu SingularityNET, unseren Zielen, etc. Oder einfach indem jemand, der gerade Zeit hat und in der Nähe ist an einer der Veranstaltungen teilnimmt, die es geben wird.