Why discourage the trading of AGI tokens?


It helps spread awareness.

It helps people get involved.

People who aren’t accredited investors are thankful to get some tokens and be ready to participate in the economy.

Also, the price of the token is somewhat reflective of the overall interest and trust in the project.


It is simple. Any ICO that emit tokens and make active efforts to list on exchanges will approximately to 100% be seen as a security token instead of an utility token. That simple fact will have many additional security regulations to be compliant with. It’s really not worth it to risk this all for a listing. The exchanges can decide by them selves if they want to list the AGI tokens in circulation. SingularityNet wont contact them or pay for a listing. Everyone should be rather happy on how they approach things. I am sure every utility token out there is doing exactly the same. I am in other projects channel as a spectator and they follow the same rules as I see.


Brilliant. Thank you for your response. I fully support that approach. I look forward to using SingularityNet to turn the AGI that I purchased into an active investment that yields more AGI!


We have run models on AGI where a 500 billion market capitalization by 2021 looks very probable, given growth rates of the AI market and cryptocurrencies.

At a 500 billion USD marketcap, AGI would be over 830 USD per token with a circulating supply of what will be about 600,000,000 tokens at the time.

There is no viable reason to ever motivate someone to trade this token if they understand even the short term implications.


How in the world are you able to give AGI a valuation of 500 billion??? That is literally insane.


when the global AI market is worth 3.1 trillion in a blockchain oriented world, taking less than 1/6 of that market is how we arrived at a 500b market cap


Can you justify a 16% market capture ?

Gartner also released a report similar to your total global market share reaching USD 3.9 tril by 2022.


As OpenCog is already being used by Huawei, Cisco, and many other multibillion dollar companies because it is the leading open artificial general intelligence library in the world, one can justify much more than 16% market penetration within 3 years time. Microsoft took even more than 16% market share of the operating system market with windows as the leading OS library, despite being close sourced.