Where / How To See A List Of AI Agents

How can I see a list of the Aigents that are currently available for services on SingularityNET ?
Thanks in advance!


I think you can see the services over the Alpha. Iā€™m sure the Beta that will be released soon will have way more services probably.

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You can list all services registered on the blockchain. See:

A Service represents a single AI service and contains the necessary information for any consumer to call that AI service. A Service registration record contains a name, IPFS hash and a collection of tags. The name is an identifier for discoverability, the IPFS hash is the link to the metadata file on IPFS and the tags exist for discoverability. DApps and smart contracts can use the listServicesForTag view function to discover Services.

Source: https://dev.singularitynet.io/docs/all/registry/#service-metadata

Use the CLI:

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Ah good, so is planned to use IPFS. It will be interesting to see how.

Ah heads up, page not found.