When are natural speech recognition AI assistant ready for the masses?

Do you use Alexa Siri or Google speech recognition or an assistant? Did you have a moment that the assistant or speech to text didn’t want to do what you asked for? Let’s say when you want to set a simple timer and when you make an error that you want to correct, the assistant just register a wrong time for you. As I see natural speech recognition is not really ready yet. My perception is that in the next two years there will occur a big change to the better. There is another hurdle, so you really want to control your devices in front of many peoples that can hear your commands and questions? For me it stills fell weird and when I do so in private I am often not happy with the results. Perhaps talking English is simpler for the speech recognition that’s when your native language is English that is, or you will have the same troubles I do. Tell me what you expect from a Text to speech AI or an AI assistant. How and when you would use it. When do you think a normal conversation can be made purely on commands wise side, without the AI needing to understand complex feelings, I mean the natural flow like when you are controlling your computer. Thank you for your opinion in advance.


I think the limitations of the current gen digital assistants is context and managing multiple elements in a request.

You can ask Google to play any track by Amy Winehouse on YouTube… But you can’t say play any track by Amy Winehouse on YouTube and use this song as my ring tone for when a certain person rings.

As an example.