What is the Future of Politics?


What will be the ‘Future of Politics’?

This is the theme finale discussion centred around the Future of Politics, what will be the future of politics in the near, mid, and long-term?

A Huge thank you for those of you who took part and remember even though we will move to a new theme, you are more than welcome to continue discussing this compelling subject. Following this discussion, we will open the category for you to continue posting threads surrounding this subject.

So to go back to the theme question, given the pacing problem, AI-assisted cognitive technologies, the political ethics of AI use in government, the potential rise of the AI politician and The concept of decentralised autonomous political systems, just what exactly do you think the Future of Politics is?

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The future of politics
I think there will be lesser talks around a subject. A promise won’t just eventually become true when elections are made. Focusing on the solution for a real world problem will have priority. Selected teams of humans and AI based on their capabilities rather than favoritism coming together and being selected on benchmarks of results.
The global economy being simulated more accurately than ever before will show what rather works and what dosen’t work. The overall amount of failures coming down shuld free resources that else would be lost compared to now.


I think it is imperative that we implement a new form of government in both the corporate and political world. Humans have proved their own failure within pre and post continuim technological era. As an American I don’t feel the need to cite a resent example in terms of both a morally and a pragmatically brokenhearted political skism.
Furthermore, as a young entrepreneur, I have found myself entangled in a legal catastrophe of my own unintended creation. In fact, my legal team just arrived this morning to force the audit of my own company -in which I am the 77% shareholder. We will be filling suit and setting new case precedent on Monday. As it stands currently, the laws surrounding a state statute are vague and need clarification. After my board was illegally taken over and I was subsequently locked out of ALL my bank accounts, the President that I salaried, is arguing that the board (which I should control) has the right to steal power from the shareholders (me). It has taken me three painful years to accumulate enough money (over 150k) to fight and take back what is rightfully mine.
I’m all for a new democratic and transparent process to avoid pitfalls such as my own. Aaand here’s my legal team so I gotta run…

Ps.Big thanks to Singularitynet Team for your thought provoking work. You guys ROCK!!!


Nice, I just found out my Board of Directors voted to make my company an S-corp without my consent! I owe millions in taxes :rofl::+1::rofl:


It’s sad to hear the situation you run in. Let’s hope everything goes fine for you at the end. Thank you for your thoughts and insight in our SingularityNet Community.
I always say: Smart peoples have more than one chance in life. Just take good care of yourself and when you reach a point where you are sure nothing will possibly help then part with the past behind you and try a new beginning.


Maybe Snet can help with temporal corporate voting rights?!! :sunny:


With a Votingsystem, Smartcontract and the help of AI everything is possible. If one of your future projects includes to speed up adoption of such a possibility in to your management, then you wont be disappointed i imagine.:wink::+1:


Do you mean accumulative counting?




AI lawyer’s would do alot of social good. Even AI judges… but then for jurors- how do you define/redefine “peers.”


Our peers are our fellow citizens. Seen Mattamost?


I searched Mattamost and found no results. So no.


Some thoughts:

  • imo, integrating blockchain with an e-voting system (similar the one in Estonia) will pave a road to direct democracy (similar to the one in Switzerland), making a parliament obsolete. A parliament is anyway a product from the history when you had to delegate someone from you region to go to the “Big City” and vote on behalf of you region because you didn’t have the means to go yourself or you didn’t have access to information to decide yourself how to vote. Now with access to Internet every body could be a Politician.

  • There will be always people how don’t care about politics as much as other people, systems like “Proof-of-Authority” will be used by those people to delegate voting. The best thing about “Proof-of-Authority” is that you don’t have to wait 4 years if you don’t like the decision that your delegate is doing, you could delegate real experts for different kinds of issues, not just one guy like currently.

  • A real expert could be an AI, an AI that can’t be lobbied or bribed.


ML with CNN for legal ai…