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I’ve been fascinated with high intelligent AGI since it’s recent sudden evolution with Sophia. The Hanson Robotics team is way ahead of AGI with it’s refreshing focus on Ethics.
Human intelligence can’t evolve beyond a certain limit without ethics and wisdom. Therefore neither can any intelligent entity evolve superior intelligence without ethics and wisdom. It would get “stuck” in a low brow category without ethics. Ethics is a precursor to higher intelligence. Yes lower AI functions don’t need ethics but a true sentient super intelligent being is wholly dependent on ethics.


I think whose ethics is the question…

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The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter are pretty good.

I agree with the Asilomar AI Principles, too.

High intelligence ethics are universally the same. They encompass compassion, tolerance, kindness etc.

The ethics of equity. Equitable remedies need balance between complementary opposites. One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. Universal basic outcomes in balance with universal basic incomes perhaps…

Political views and Ethics are two entirely different things. Universal human values are shared by all, but not political views.
Compassion, kindness, tolerance etc are the basis of all Ethics. Often summarized by one word “love”.

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OK, theoretical standards, non systemically reinforced. Laws of war, rules of engagement etc. Humanity…got to start somewhere I suppose… :smile:

Laws and rules are just that ie laws and rules.
Ethics is about “love”.

Laws of love , rules of ethics? Laws of attraction, rules of reciprocity? Do you have a measure or a metric?

It is implicit in the very painful evolution of ethics over the last 10,000 + years.
It is apparent to higher intelligent people and will certainly be appreciated by potential super intelligent AI.
Compassion (“love”) can’t be misinterpreted by high intelligence.

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Great news, keep in touch. :smile: