Translated instant voice acting


My idea is to unify the applications together with the instant translation of the actors’ voices to meet a real demand for translation requests for all markets.

Some existing applications, however, would need to be improved to meet this billion-dollar need.

** (Real-time voice cloning) **

** (Deezer Spleeter) **

** (Language detection) **

** Audio Translate **

And offer digital platforms (Example: Youtube / Twitch) an instant translation of the authors using a copy of the author’s voice and translating into the listener’s language? It would be very interesting, for dubbing films, drawings, lectures, courses.

It is a market that moves billions of dollars in all countries. Even more so now with this pandemic moment, where digital events or digital content are even stronger.


Youtube / Facebook / Instagram Videos
International meetings

OBS: I am not a programmer, I just have a broad commercial vision, for being an e-commerce manager. I can help with whatever it takes to commercialize this technology worldwide.