"The Win Win Protocol for the World Wide Web" request for collaboration

Hello big beautiful community––i had an account here from two years ago but something happened so it appears I have to start fresh. I am saying hello but with an invitation towards something actionable within the community here.

I am the designer of Big Mother and Aiki Wiki, AKA the “win win protocol for the world wide web” and this is not hype, we have three MVPs now for various levels of testing, piloting, and even market fit in web2, web3, and web4 (AI)

Our current milestone we have achieved is the first pilot product for Aiki Wiki, a computational conversation tool for the world wide web for negotiation, consensus, conflict resolution and any critical conversation on the web. Our computational system gamifies online conversation in such a way so as to guide the conversation online to reach a threshold where two individuals can rewrite a consensus idea together as a form of resolution. This applies game theory to online conversation and we have an API–this can feed into web3, social media platforms as well as AI alignment protocols. The only outcome is a “win-win” between individuals who disagree, which naturally filters misinformation, confusion, and offers solutions for online fact checking, even trolling and toxicity.

We also expand this protocol into two other sectors, creating an alternative to Google/Facebook ad matrix as well as a community funding design, we are beyond theory and currently in practice, everything is demonstrable.

I am hoping to find an active member of this community that we can begin to work with in navigating SingularityNet, I believe it is obvious the potential for collaboration as we now having working demonstrations and prototypes that fit perfectly within the scope of SN.

Here are some blurbs: https://bigmotherdao.com/ Also check out “whitepapers” tab

https://parley.aikiwiki.com (pilot product, please DM for testing)

Okay! Love you all, have been a fan of this community for awhile but only now we are ready to engage properly–but could use some help there!

Rome Viiharo

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Hello Rome, I assume that it’s you who replied to my post Ultimate Beneficial Decentralization some time ago… Welcome back! I too have/had two accounts here, it just seems to happen ;-0.
There is now a Supervisory Council at SNET - some details here: Meet the Newly-elected Second Supervisory Council Members | by Peter Elfrink | SingularityNET . I would suggest that Peter Elfrink – Medium might be a good first contact. Cheers, Phil W

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Phillip thank you! is the telegram or discord the more active channel now, or does the community still engage here? Nice! I know Daniel too, good man!

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The engagement is not frequent here… Swamped by Translations though :wink:

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