Ultimate Beneficial Decentralization

If decentralization is to be genuinely beneficial and universally available as we approach the Singularity, the “people and process elements” of any Solutions must be compatible with the “technology elements”, and clearly defined in every context to avoid any disproportionately undesirable influences.
For example, those that favour vested interests in the current global distribution of power and wealth; those that result from the actions of bad Actors; and those that result from disenfranchisement of any individuals or groups.
Today there are successful governance models in existence for the satisfaction of basic needs - social security systems, education, medical care and prescriptions etc. - and the expression of Success Factors for those models could be used to aid the definition, replication and scaling of future beneficial decentralization Solutions.

Some evidence that change is necessary… The phenomena of tangping (“lying flat”), the Great Resignation and Antiwork movements around the world are characterized by a low desire to achieve… a minimalist, opting out “protest” mainly amongst young people.
(‘Lying Flat,’ ‘Antiwork’ And The ‘Great Resignation’ Spreads Worldwide As Young People Protest Against System )

Many thanks to Lubomir Todorov (https://app.su.org/members/4783027), Francisco Ríos (https://app.su.org/members/5213910) and Bashkir Koschevsky (https://app.su.org/members/8474073) for their inputs in the development of these ideas!

Here are the proposed elements of the Vision (“Where we want to be”) for beneficial decentralization:

  • to provide resources that satisfy people’s basic needs based on the fair contribution of workers, investors and entrepreneurs etc.
  • to enable, recognize and reward passion, perseverance and hard work for an individual to be a productive contributor to future society
  • to recognize those who do not want to contribute to society by working, or do not wish to follow the “traditional” model of working to survive to retirement. There must be no “automatic” role transfer to robots and AI systems
  • the capacity of any individual to contribute to the advance of humanity must not be hindered by non-relevant circumstances such as lack of resources (money, access to education, modern laboratories, sophisticated equipment etc.)
  • there must be effective Governance so that, for example, any Individual with a passion for a bad Idea who has superb lobbying and influencing skills does not have a disproportional influence on any Solution outcomes.

Here are the proposed Success Factors (“How we will know when we get there”) for beneficial decentralization:
1- All Information that represents any Contribution to the advance of humanity is freely available in relevant context and real-time

2- Free and fair access to the Information is available to any and every Individual, for the purpose of benefitting from (e.g. learning and research) - and/or contributing to - the Information

3- Each and every Individual will have a unique and trusted identification which will be related to the Information and any Contributions they make

4- A Governance mechanism will provide a priority process for the Assessment of the potential benefit of every Contribution
{perhaps a “triage” process based on objective criteria for the context, plus any required weighted expert opinion which also ranks the criticality of need and the risks of delivery}

5- The Value of every Contribution will be immutably and explicitly associated with the contributing Individual(s) in accordance with the agreed Governance mechanism and the trusted identification

6- The Value will have appropriate mechanisms to reward the originating Individual(s), taking into account the effort invested in the Contribution, the potential and realized Benefits

7- The Value will enable other contributing Individual(s) to be immutably and explicitly associated with the development of the Information, recorded and monitored in real-time in accordance with an agreed Governance mechanism

8- The Value will have appropriate mechanisms to reward the contributing Individual(s), taking into account their ongoing efforts invested in realizing the Benefits

9- The Governance mechanism will optimize the allocation of - and access to - Resources in accordance with the Assessment results, taking into account the capacity and needs of the originating and/or contributing Individuals

10- The Governance mechanism will maintain appropriate apportionment of Resources and rewards in accordance with the Value criticality, potential and progress.

These proposals are intended to be considered in the development of Requirements and Key Performance Indicators for any organization wishing to pursue a business model based on beneficial decentralization. Any constructive feedback is welcome!