The Dreams of Satoshi - Episode 1

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Really cool, I like it a lot! Thank you, guys, keep going :slightly_smiling_face:




Balk! Balk!Baaagalllk! …HODL on ! I need to put my stunna shades on for this!!.. This has almost enlightened me as much as going to the en-lite-in coin (Litecoin) summit last month!I met John Kim,Charlie Lee ,BAD Radio and Bit Coin Girl Naomi Brockwell!!! perhaps Satoshi wants to show how to speak in concepts and art is the true advocate…


I advocate for recognizing the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter as supreme law for all of humanity. We should probably recognize those Rights for machine intelligence as well.


Considering the accelerating rate of growth in machine intelligence, could the Dreams of Satoshi be set in 2025?
Thanks for sharing episode one.


A wonderful novel. This is a nice idia to bring the concept idia to peoples. Keep it up👍


@Damien - a few questions (greatly drawn cartoon BTW)

  • What, actually, does “boycott those entities that have not embraced this new economy” mean, beyond using crypto currencies? There don’t seem to be communally created taxi services and it seems the millions of people who could start such businesses don’t. Why don’t they?
  • Who is to take on the unescapable risks associated with starting up alternative businesses/projects or overall just to create something new? I.e the potential loss of time, money, health, etc. Should risk also be shared? What if you see something as worthy to pursue but I don’t. Is it justified to force me to join in? - OR - if you pursue it without my involvement, who is to reap the benefits of it? Am I entitled to the benefits in spite of only you having risked your resources? Will you give it to me or is violence justified to spread them “justly”?

Again, great cartoon, thank you for it!


@Rustam @Input_output_System @MattersMommy @Aderson Thank you very much!

Deep into that darkness peering, long Satoshi stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Ave Sophia!

We are further in the future, from 2045 we come. Thanks to the technologies we have now we haven’t even aged!

It is to boycott those that desire to make others blind. Some act as if it is still 2018, whilst we are already in 2045!

That is a good question. However, I cannot answer that question right now… @Casper can you remind me to explain this one day to The People of the Past?


Will do Damien! You have to get back to writing now… the next story needs to be told! Satoshi had a dream again…


Smile :grin: :+1:

Beautiful work, kudos to the creator. I don’t know if it’s just me but -although I thoroughly enjoyed the comid- I find it very grim and depressing. Chances are I’m not being realistic but I would love to imagine a “happier” world two/three decades from now. I think the comic is depicting a period of transition. But I would love to think that this ‘period of transition’ will happen much sooner and by 2045 we are an interplanetary species and have long passed the issues depicted in the comic. Thanks again for the wonderful work.


I’ve been giving it some thought, and I think the whole “it’s cool to be a cyborg” joke is kind of … at best it severely misses the point about why robot rights are important. Plus it’s a massive engineering opportunity: why campaign to make people not have hair (big old waste of time that has nothing to do with human or robot rights), when you can campaign for sustainable hair growth?

I mean how hard is it to make a robot’s hair plant-based, and have that grown organically in a pot, and them simply drape them over a robot’s head? It doesn’t even have to be expensive, and a rich apartment master would be able to afford such hair remedies.

By contrast with Sanctuary AI, she’s at least thinking about things like Taste, hearing, and other sensory receptors, along with hormone emulation. Among other goodies along the way. Even if she’s not considering it right away. But at least she’s thinking about it. Not trying to cart around Macintosh CPU and tell us its a person.

And we still have humans that have to deal with the stigma of not having hair in their own right, like women going bald because they have some kind of health condition. I’m fairly sure the ones without hair wouldn’t exactly go for being bald.