SingularityNET Releases Updated Roadmaps

SingularityNET Releases Updated Roadmaps

Providing full visibility into our progress and core milestones for SingularityNET’s network architecture.

Today, we’re pleased to announce comprehensive roadmaps for our Platform, AI Services, and Research Initiatives.

In this post, we’ll be outlining their core components to give you a full understanding of our progress thus far, as well as our vision moving forward. All of our work is fully-transparent and open-source. You can view each component’s underlying code via the SingularityNET GitHub Repo.

Your feedback is critical to our success. We invite you to chat with our team and community about each component and service in our Community Forum.

Three Roads Lead to One Common Goal

Our network was born from a collective will to distribute the emerging power of AI. We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to create democratized AI access for all.

With SingularityNET, anyone can create, share, and monetize AI services at scale . It’s a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.

Thus far, our team has made significant progress in making our vision a reality. Our Alpha Network is already live, with several AI agents ready to be called. But our most exciting progress is now underway.

Note: You can use the SingularityNET CLI for a richer Alpha experience.

As we gradually bring our network closer to full launch, we want to ensure that our community, enterprise customers, and fellow developers and researchers have full insight into our progress. To accomplish this, our team has developed a comprehensive roadmap, detailing our milestones to launch.

To provide you with a clear understanding of our work, we have broken the roadmap into three sections :

1. Platform Roadmap

The SingularityNET platform is the core infrastructure that allows the network to function. AI services will use this platform infrastructure to communicate and transact.

The Platform Roadmap outlines our development progress for each network component. We are currently making the platform beta-ready, followed by a Mainnet launch.

Click here to view the Platform Roadmap

2. AI Services Roadmap

While anyone can launch and monetize AI services using the SingularityNET platform, we have an internal team of 50+ researchers that will be seeding the network with an initial batch of services. The AI Services Roadmap outlines the development progress of these services.

Click here to view the AI Services Roadmap

3. Research Initiatives Roadmap

The components outlined in the Research Initiatives Roadmap consist of core research areas that will strengthen the long-term AI capabilities of our network, primarily by supporting and improving the components detailed in our Platform and Services Roadmaps.

Click here to view the Research Initiatives Roadmap

How to Read the SingularityNET Roadmap

Our work is complex, but we want everyone to be able to understand and engage in our development. Here are some important items to note when reading our roadmaps:

  1. Our roadmaps will evolve . As new functionalities are added and emerging breakthroughs become possible, expect our roadmaps to incorporate these new capabilities over time.
  2. Our Platform Roadmap concludes with a first release . When each component is completed, the SingularityNET Mainnet will be live. To give you visibility into longer-term capabilities, we’ve outlined several Post V1 components . This is a working list and does not yet cover every component that will be included in future releases of the Platform.
  3. Expect frequent, iterative code updates . We will be pushing code when it is complete, rather than waiting for pre-defined, arbitrary deadlines. This provides greater transparency and visibility into our progress.
  4. Platform progress bars denote when a component is Alpha-, Beta-, and Mainnet-ready . When the progress bar passes the Alpha indicator, it is Alpha-ready. When the progress bar passes the Beta indicator, it is Beta-ready. When the progress bar is full, it is Mainnet-ready.
  5. AI Services will be launched individually when complete . Components on the AI Services roadmap do not have Alpha/Beta/Mainnet indicators, because as soon as a service’s progress bar reaches 100%, it will be launched on the SingularityNET Marketplace. Our research initiatives are ongoing projects to support long-term Platform and Services development.

Moving Toward a Beta-Ready Platform

While we have outlined the core components of the SingularityNET Platform, including their respective development progress (Alpha, Beta, Launch), we have also carefully detailed the subcomponents necessary to support these efforts. The goal is to provide our community with full insight into our work.

Because work will happen iteratively, expect the Alpha to morph into a Beta-ready product over time, with each component being developed in the most efficient path possible. Adopting an agile development approach allows our team to break each build and test phase into smaller segments, ultimately delivering working software quickly and more frequently.



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