SingularityNET Podcast Guest Suggestions

As you know we launched the SingularityNET podcast last month which you can listen to by Clicking Here

We will be inviting various guests from the AI / Technology / Blockchain and related futurism sciences spaces, and we are currently busy in the process of producing our second podcast.

We are of course a community led project and so we would really love to hear from you to find out who you would like see appear as a guest on our podcasts.

Of course we can’t guarantee we can get these guests to take part, but we would love to know who you would like us to include.

Please reply to this post, naming the person or persons you would like see take part, and who knows… maybe we can fulfill your wishes! :grin:


In any case, an interview with elon musk would be very interesting :wink:

(dont hate me for the proposal. im just wondering about the result)

very nice podcast btw! :orange_heart:


Thank you for the suggestion and for your kind words.

I will add it to the list :slight_smile:


Hey Singularitans,

I think Peter Diamandis or Ray Kurzweil would be very interesting.

Best Wishes


Excellent suggestions!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I would love to see Ray Kurzweil. Isn’t he Ben’s “friend”?
Elon Musk definitely but he has been very busy with Tesla recently. Not that others are not but this might be quite an extreme.

Other suggestions:

Max Tegmark (Future of Life Institute)
Stuart J. Russell (AI safety, he spoke at the end of slaughterbots video)


Elon Musk or Ray Kurzweil or Andrew Ng or Stuart Russell


Trent from ocean to talk about integration with the snet platform and processes… Perhaps Anton to provide a different perspective.


Eric Topol who is one of the most respected doctors in the USA and visionary has a book coming out in March 2019 called Deep Medicine in which he talks about AI & Medicine. Given the rise of electronically records - most of them in primitive forms (relative to their potential) I think SingulairNet can be well positioned to help unleash the power of AI in the average/routine healthcare encounter


Some names that may be familiar to some here:
Nick Bostrom, Peter Thiel, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Aubrey de Grey

One AI researcher (or rather, mind researcher) that comes to mind is David Chalmers…


We could do a series focused on our partnerships and what they represent, as suggested ocean first, what about right mesh, nexus etc… Start to develop these valuable alliances…


Also pre podcast, questions from our communities, curated for discussion by guests…

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Its been a month since the last podcast. Hopefully, moving forward, the podcasts are released with consistency, otherwise it is probably best to not have a podcast at all.


I’m currently editing our second podcast, so please stand by :slight_smile:


You could always skip the extra editing and just directly post the audio file of the podcast conversation from beginning to end.

I think the community cares about the conversation more than anything else. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work!


Thank you for your suggestion, the production of a podcast takes time to ensure the greatest quality of audio is achieved.

The process is not unlike that of producing a TV show.

We may consider a live broadcast at some point in the future, but this is not the format we have chosen for now.

Please stand by :slight_smile:

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Eliezer Yudkowski

wikipedia article

Having listened to interviews and watched a few video presentations with this gentleman, I can only conclude that he is absolutely brilliant. Very eloquent, very sharp, opinionated, knowledgable - the perfect guest for a podcast.

I would love to hear what he thinks of the SingularityNET project, also negative stuff (if any).

I’d also love to hear - from ALL guests - why they are not involved in the SingularityNET project. By having a community member demanding that you ask this question – and I’m hereby demanding this :wink: :wink: :wink: – this will hopefully make them consider it.

Thank you for that first podcast episode. Very much appreciated!


Some guests for the layman like me . E.g. comedians , celebrities to make it entertaining and broaden the reach.


I wonder if there are any blockchain or technology comedy acts out there?

I will look into that, and thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Thank you for being a valued listener! :sunglasses:

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