SingularityNET Podcast Guest Suggestions


Your involvement question is timely as the project has reached a midpoint and when the beta is released, a “human in the loop” alpha will go with it. imho we could work on this. I’m keen.


Come on Tim! We’re dying to hear the podcast!. How many weeks does the editing usually require? Is there anything we can do to help speed it up?


You’d be surprised at what goes into the editing process :wink:

With a little luck we should be releasing the second podcast early next week :sunny:


really no offense. just my experience about podcasts.

you simply can upload a podcast 1:1
dont need any editing.



A podcast is a digital media format that can be a Live Performance / Broadcast or a pre-recorded show. In a similar way that some radio shows are live and some are pre-recorded, or some TV shows are live and some are pre-recorded.

I understand that you may prefer the live broadcast format, and I am not saying we will never do a live broadcast in the future, however the format we have chosen for the foreseeable future is pre-recorded.


I would like to suggest Siraj Raval . He has a broad reach,a passion for education, an entertaining delivery, and specializes in AI and Blockchain/Decentralized Apps. I would love to hear his thoughts on SingularityNet.


I think Dr. Yoshua Bengio would be a cool guest to have :slightly_smiling_face:


Good choice. Are you thinking to give him a virtual tour of platform and an interview for podcast? Element/SingularityNET SWOT maybe a productive topic.


Get Dr. David Hanson on!


I recently came across Harri Valpola from Curious AI. He sounds very confident about having found the secret sauce to AGI. Would love to see him connected to SingularityNET…


Another method could be to use professional grade microphones for the podcast so the audio file can be directly uploaded immediately, which will save weeks of editing (weeks of your precious time), and your time can be directed towards more productive efforts.
Just hoping to help, thanks again Tim!


Many of our guests may not have access to professional recording equipment, and therefore the quality of the audio may vary.

Wherever possible we will try to have both sides recorded in the best way possible.