SingularityNET Partners With DBrain to Make Decentralized AI More Accessible

SingularityNET Partners With DBrain to Make Decentralized AI More Accessible

Dbrain will be integrating its data labeling platform for seamless use on SingularityNET.

Today, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Dbrain, the blockchain platform turning raw data into AI for businesses. Dbrain will be integrating its platform for data labeling into the SingularityNET infrastructure.

This partnership advances many of our core goals for this year. Importantly, it will open even more ways for AI developers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to monetize their creations through the SingularityNET marketplace.

Note: See the comprehensive list of SingularityNET partners here.

Connecting Valuable AI Data With a Suite of Services

Many of our latest partnerships —including Ocean Protocol, and DeepBrain Chain — have focused on making full-stack AI a reality. By integrating Dbrain’s platform, this vision takes a massive leap forward.

With SingularityNET, anyone can use our open-source platform and marketplace to host, connect, and exchange AI algorithms at scale. Our network makes it easy to monetize AI innovations . The end goal is to create a sharing-economy marketplace for AI that promotes collaboration between various tools and creates a more democratized AI environment.

Dbrain shares a closely-related goal: to implement AI in any industry and connect all parties seamlessly by integrating all stages of AI development and deployment into a single product. In the Dbrain ecosystem, crowdworkers from emerging markets label and validate AI data. They are compensated instantly with cryptocurrency payments. Data scientists use the resulting datasets to train neural networks. The neural networks create the foundation for AI applications. That’s where the SingularityNET platform will seamlessly bring these AI resources to market .

SingularityNET will provide DBrain with the platform to construct their AI services and leverage SingularityNET’s infrastructure to host their AI services. SingularityNET will enable the:

  • describing, packaging, deploying, and managing of DB’s AI services
  • infrastructure hosting for DB’s AI services with support for monitoring, metering, and auto-scaling

“Dbrain has a remarkable collection of smart and hard-working developers. These guys are building an important part of the emerging decentralized AI ecosystem, building distributed neural net learning and applications together with distributed training data preparation in an innovative, well-organized, and efficient way. Putting Dbrain and SingularityNET together enables AIs running in either platform to outsource tasks to AIs running in the other platform — thus creating a whole that is smarter than the sum of the parts, an intelligent network of networks living and growing within the network of networks that is the new decentralized economy” — SingularityNET CEO, Ben Goertzel

Strengthening SingularityNET for the Long-Term

Our partnership with Dbrain will instantly add thousands of algorithms and contributors to our marketplace. Now, Dbrain AI and machine learning developers can submit their algorithms and services directly to the SingularityNET platform. In exchange, they can earn AGI tokens through our marketplace that links them to a global pool of AI service buyers.

Together with Dbrain, SingularityNET is now an end-to-end AI development platform with immediate use-cases.

“We are excited about the partnership with SingularityNET. We want to make our platform accessible to any business that wants to use AI and machine learning. Our technology can make the jobs of AI developers and data scientists easier. The SingularityNET network opens our platform to a larger audience. It gives us an opportunity to serve a greater part of the AI community.” — Dbrain CTO and co-founder, Alexey Hahunov

The partnership means that Dbrain will provide additional benefits to AI developers and data scientists who will be able to monetize their creations via SingularityNET marketplace. For SingularityNET, the partnership gives their customers more choices of AI tools and resources from the Dbrain platform.

Next Steps

As our teams begin long-term integration efforts, we will be chronicling additional use-cases and synergies through upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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Alliance partnerships are based on the best fits to build an ai shopfront accessible to everyone…


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