SingularityNET on the Joe Rogan Podcast this Tuesday at 1PM PST!

JOE ROGAN HERE WE COME! Thanks to the community, on the 4th of Dec at 1PM PST, our CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel will be on Joe Rogan’s show representing SingularityNET as the first blockchain project on the podcast!

What would you like us to talk about? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Tune in:


I would like to see AI as a part of a government, that allows control expenses, improve investigations, .improve medical care.


Please discuss the very basics and how blockchain and tech learning occurs! People truly just don’t uunderstand how it’s possible. Joe Rogan will have a huge audience of very tech / intelligence ignorant people. Start small to grab their interest! Encourage them to do research on this project so they want to be a part of it.


The total early emphasis on ethics is absolutely paramount. I know the singularity people have been taking ethics seriously and they have hit the nail on the head by doing this. We won’t get super AGI without ethics. The new AGI needs to urgently study the entire history of ethical and legal evolution, as modern humans have left it in tatters to the detriment of the planet and of civilization. The super AGI needs to untangle ethical dilemmas and formulate correct ethics based on the thorough study of the entire evolution of ethics, law and spirituality.


Also very strongly agree with this too

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He might want to explain why AGI needs to be a cryptocurrency where the price is determined on an open market.

I did not own any cryptocurrency until Ben explained this in 2017…

This news still isn’t in the “crypto news” as of about 22 hours before the show.

Is Joe Rogan gonna start the crypto bull run? (kind of a joke but also a little serious)

Ben’s psychedelic visions

Great call. Need to get them excited and wanting to participate. I would add that hopefully we can emphasize the practical benefits to be had, as opposed to the more “far out” stuff. I will say that I was teaching AGI ethics issues to my undergrad classes this week, and the students get a little overwhelmed. Anyway, amazing job by the community and team, making this happen :+1:


This is awesome - great job on making this happen everyone! Sorry for the delay here - it may be a little too late for my input to be considered, but I’ll give my two cents anyway. I agree with @Keith_dee - I believe the conversation should focus more on the potential benefits of a true benevolent AGI, as apposed to the dystopian narrative that many like to entertain. Things like how AGI could potentially solve some of the world’s most pressing issues i.e. Global warming, poverty, coruption, access to medical treatment, etc. Also, I’d suggest introducing the SingularityNet in Layman terms, so that a majority of the listeners can wrap their head around our ambitious project. I know Dr. Goertzel is great at doing this, but I thought I’d suggest it anyway, in case our fearless leader forgets who his audience is here :slight_smile:


wow…466k views in 24 hours. congratulations to the snet team.