SingularityNET and AI Decentralized Create New Industry Group: the Decentralized AI Alliance



SingularityNET and AI Decentralized announced the Decentralized AI Alliance (DAIA), an open industry alliance trying to foster the development of decentralized AI technologies.

AIDA promises to bring together companies, foundations, and labs operating at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology. The alliance will provide a medium for member organizations to coordinate standards, protocols, interfaces, and other technical matters, along with organizing community events, providing networking opportunities, and giving legal and management guidance.

DAIA will also foster the creation of funds to support AI blockchain-powered projects. The initial DAIA plan involves an affiliated fund that will support 100 projects over the next two years, with funding allowances of $2 million for each of the first 50 projects.

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Ivan here - SNet Ambassador

Excellent News!!


Where is this 100 million in funding coming from?


Here’s the start of your answer, but we need much more clarification.

SingularityNET and DAIA co-founder Simone Giacomelli stated:

“For us at SingularityNET, 2018 is a year of building things — we are building the first scalable version of our decentralized AI marketplace, and building an array of powerful AI tools to run on this platform. We would like to offer projects building their own AI capabilities on top of the SingularityNET platform every advantage we can — including technical support and data, and also in some cases including financial support provided by funds affiliated with SingularityNET and DAIA.”


This doesn’t really answer the question.

I’m especially interested in if these funds will in part be taken from the SingularityNET coffers or be added to them?


It seems as though there will be some SingularityNET funds contributed, from the wording. We need more clarification.


I’m wondering about the same question as Tim - if the funds are coming from SingularityNET pockets, where are they coming from (perhaps the foundation is contributing from its share of AGI tokens or perhaps they’re ICO funds)? How much is SingularityNET contributing and can the project afford to do so?

If SingularityNET is at the receiving end, I’m sure no one will have a problem.

We all agree that building a rich decentralized AI ecosystem is important but the current state of SingularityNET project should be taken into account before committing millions to other projects.


Seems like a very good opportunity for a detailed SingularityNET blog post! With such a big announcement, I think this is what we need, complete with a full breakdown of the financial details that we are all looking for. Transparency.


A new world coming. Kinda like Gaia but the next evolution… DAIA!
Lol. Gaia + AGI.




Let’s wait and see what the answer is before we make any judgements :+1:


Could this be the beginning of an industry association? The stated vision matches… Standard setting, fostering startups etc…


I do not have the exact financial details yet, but if we are contributing it is most definitely not the full $100M - far, far from it. You should view this as a similar alliance like the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, but then for Artificial Intelligence in which SingularityNET and AiDecentralized are taking the lead. Funds are sourced from an alliance of enterprises. As @bengoertzel explained:

“It’s a movement—a movement by a network of adventurous technologists and entrepreneurs around the globe, aimed at wresting control of the world’s AI and the data and computing power that feeds it from the handful of big tech companies and big governments that are currently threatening dominance.” - Ben Goertzel


Does the association review URS stage projects?


Is there application forms?


Sounds good. My take on it is that by aligning protocols interconnectivity in the space will be supported and thus the strength of decentralized AI. Which will allow it to become a sort of industry group and have sufficient strength to compete with the tech giants. The only thing I was wondering if there won’t be issues in the competition sense. What I mean is are there measures or precautions that singularityNET has, that will prevent it from partly funding a competitor? I am in no way against sharing the space and I want decentralized AI to succeed, but I do want SingularityNET to succeed as well. I believe the Ethereum Enterprise Association only funds projects that build on the Ethereum network. How is the DAIA similar and how is it different from the EEA? I know it is a pretty inaccurate and crude analogy. But it would have been bad for the stakeholders of Microsoft if Microsoft had been subsidizing Apple to further the development of computing.


Good question. Should SingularityNET, as a not for profit NGO be involved with the EEA backed conference in New York on the first of June?


Are these grants?


You should definitely chat with @ibby about that, not sure if your project would qualify or not, but it’s worth investigating for sure!


Which is why it needs to be a decrentralized system. If a single set of hands has the controls, they are god. Singularitynet is merely the DNA of a new life form. It’s broken down how we operate as humans and put it down into computer language and giving that control to one Corp with one direction will take away its entire ideal of being unified yet complex (depending on perspective). There just can’t be one higher power. (Answer to life itself)


Happy with two or three higher powers? (Zeta values) Maybe 51%. :wink: