ShilazTech Is a company setup in India

ShilazTech is a company setup in India. One of its major objective is to provide services for Blockchain and AI Integration.

I, Pramesh Tyagi, is the owner of the company who will also operate this account.

And I have 25 years experience in developing and using AI based applications in the field of Oil & Gas, Stock market, and for last year in crypto market.

My objective here is to learn, share, and help develop this platform plus use it for my applications in above mentioned fields.

The website for my company is


Sounds superb. Welcome to our SingularityNet Community. I hope you can use the SingularityNet platform for your needs :+1:

Thnx Anderson. Let us see when beta version comes out.

I’ve met a lot of enterprises, and they are interested in decentralized AI across the board. They just don’t know how to interact with the technology. If your service is integration, SingularityNET could be a huge driver of your business.

Especially in the first 2 years, when it is still so fresh and new.

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Welcome Pramesh! It is great to have you here. Feel free to share the projects of your company in a topic dedicated to it in #projects :blush:. Furthermore, I am sure you will find some use in starting conversations and joining others in their topics in categories like #blockchain and #applications. Curious to see more from ShilazTech!

Thnx ibby for your encouraging words.

Thank you Anderson.

That is true Mitchell.