Self financing

Hi good people. I have been investing in AGI for five months now, as I believe this is currently a most promising project in crypto and AI space. Now due to some personal problems I have to sell most of my other positions and only keep AGI long term. I do have one concern however and would appreciate an answer from @bengoertzel if possible or any other team member who can. It is evident that this bear market is making many projects struggling and even failing due to a lack of funding. My question is will Snet team be able to sustain itself and keep funding research and development if this turns out to be a multiyear bear market? How will Snet team fund itself when ICO funds are spent?


ben goertzel:
@revz Regarding the SingularityNET revenue model: Apart from the value of the AGI token reserve that the Foundation holds (which it can use in a variety of ways), the Foundation will also offer some of its own AI services for sale on the platform. If these are done well it can be a huge source of revenue and also drive broader usage of the platform. We have some interesting services in the works that are being kept a bit stealthy for now, as well as more public work on services in bio-AI, social-media analytics and social robotics…

As well as an ambitious project to create AGI and democratize AI generally, SingularityNET is also an actual business, albeit one currently at an early (pre-revenue) stage.

revz we are in no danger of running out of money to fund our work, don’t worry about that … even if ETH and BTC go to zero (which they won’t) we have a fair bit of fiat on hand plus lots of good contacts among folks with capital to invest in AI …

We will build and launch the platform with some cool AI on it, the biggest challenge will be building the dual network of community-AI-contributors/developers and AI users … which will be a mix of tech, community-building and marketing… but this will only get into full swing next year as right now we are needing to focus primarily on platform/AI building and architecting…