Public test poll - voters are displayed, nobody will hide (well, I hope so)


Please say your opinion about the forum

  • I like the forum
  • I like the forum very much
  • God who created this nice lovely adorable place?

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Can anyone post a question?


If you ask is it available for everyone to post their own poll then yes :slightly_smiling_face:


How oh how can we create polls? I would love to make one. Link?


Just initiate new topic or reply creation and choose option as on the screenshot below :slightly_smiling_face: image


lol i clicked the first option “like the forum” before reading the rest…and it autosubmitted lol. all is well that ends well :smiley:


Cant do wrong by clicking any of them :wink:


Hahaha :joy:


It would be encouraging to see it actually used a bit more…