Possibly one of the larger SNet use cases? Just like the **** industry with the internet

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Personally speaking I think this is really sad and disturbing.

I would say that I would be fine with it if the robot had the ability to consent, and could see a future where humans fall in love with and marry and even divorce with a non human sentient being such as a self aware conscious robot.


In all honesty I don’t think this will happen… Because before we get to the point where robots are self aware enough to give consent, we will be at the Singularity…

We will merge with the machines, they will be us and we them…

Any possibility can be realised within virtual environments indistinguishable from physical reality and utterly malleable to our personal tastes and desires.

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SingularityNET is first and foremost an Artificial Intelligence company. The above might be something that is more of interest to robotics companies, but definitely not in our lane or in that of our partners.

Having said that… it is still interesting and very needed to explore this area in the philosophical sense as futurists. It comes down to some discussion of a humanoid/robot’s self-awareness, but perhaps also to our own self-awareness. What do we view as reality? Why are we assigning meaning and perceptions of reality to some things? What does this have as a consequence? What good and bad things can we expect from it, and how do we react proactively on this? It comes down to - once again - that we are all responsible together for how our future will look like and what will be the new normal, and in what kind of world we want our children to live in later. I am most afraid personally for what we do and do not define as reality and how that relates to our legal system later.


What drew some interest to this video was the creator claims to be working on AI systems for each doll so as they will be unique. So I could see this being a use in the singularitynet marketplace if more companies lean toward this type of product and need to implement some form of AI. Instead of spending countless man hours in development they can simply purchase the personalities.

Definitely agree with you @ibby this will turn our legal systems on their heads and really blur the lines for what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Maybe humanity has to start coming to terms with controlling the desire for dopamine release and that is where I see the most demand in these industries. Maybe appoach it from a more fundamental standpoint.

What I’m saying is we cannot apply future technologies to how our society is now.

By the time we are there things will have changed so drastically that we cannot say how or even if the issue at hand will be expressed.

Though as I said, I think this technology will be obsolete before it becomes anywhere near approaching the mainsteam.

I do think SingularityNet should keep it’s hands clean of the porn industry…controlled dopamine release, I’m for that, I’m sure we are creative enough to make that happen in other ways :slightly_smiling_face:

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Being a decentralized network, if a person would like to offer such algorithms to operate sex bots and what not - he would be able to do so. I agree, it’s not a pleasant use case but the fact remains that the porn industry is quite often the earliest adopter of latest technological advances.

I talked about such usage of the network to some extent in my post here:What would be the low lying fruits?

Algorithms to operate sex bots isn’t going to be the end of it, I’m afraid. We’re looking at the possibility of a lot of AI being used in a lot of ways - some unpleasant and some down right repugnant.

I think the possibility of having such algorithms being available on SingularityNet is a fact that would have to be accepted, in order for a decentralized marketplace of AI to exist, the good comes with the bad.