What would be the low lying fruits?


The low lying fruits of a decentralised currency, which Bitcoin came to be were to be honest the somewhat unpleasant use cases. We all know of Silk Road website, the dark net use cases - currencies specialising in privacy above everything are these days thriving on such demand for cryptos - Bitcoin was able to very quickly capture the use cases that required anonymity and a mechanism to bypass the established financial systems (Wikileaks started accepting Bitcoin after the bans etc)

So what would be the low lying low fruits of a decentralised AI economy?

Would there be a thriving bazaar offering DeepFake videos? Or a market place with the best AI to use to create those videos?

How about phone sex AI? After the Google I/O 2018, we all saw how human like an AI can sound.

The established players in AI would certainly not cater to that market - I mean if Google wanted to capture Porn industry it was there for the taking, they haven’t.

It is clear that there will be certain low lying fruits in AI economy that can be captured by a decentralised marketplace.

How big would such a niche be in the AI economy as a whole? I would say certainly more than 1% - if AI industry as a whole is poised to be 3.1 Trillion by 2022 - and if SingularityNet captures 2% - that gives it a projected valuation of more than 60 Billion.

But would SingularityNet be the Silk Road of AI?

Will there be a red line drawn by SingularityNet foundation as to the types of AI services being offered on SingularityNet?

Is it in the interest of SingularityNet - a decentralised marketplace of AI in one respect - to capture the segment of AI market that requires anonymity and that the bigger AI players would not cater to? How far would privacy on the platform go?

And just to clarify - what would actually be offered on SingularityNet? I’m a bit confused - the tools or the products?

Let’s say it is possible to offer AI phone sex service using the various AI on SingularityNet - so an entrepreneur offering AI phone sex service can plug into SingularityNet and offer the services on their own platforms or would there be a section of various vendors selling AI phone sex, on the SingularityNet platform.

Sorry for the somewhat uncomfortable topic, thoughts of other members welcome.

Possibly one of the larger SNet use cases? Just like the **** industry with the internet

Certainly some indication of the vision, mission and particularly the values of the singularityNET a not for profit non government organization… Every indication is that the foundation has noble aspirations…