Ivan here - SNet Ambassador


Hey everyone!

I’m a marketer / sales guy based out of Austin, TX. I’ve been working in the tech industry for last 7 years where I’ve had the opportunity to work with big companies like Google & Uber, and also some startups here and there.

I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this new awesome community! I’ve been following / promoting SNet since pre-ICO and can’t wait to see the product flourish!


Hey, Ivan! Welcome to the new forum. Marketing will play an increasingly significant role for SingularityNET very soon. Maybe you have some ideas you’d like to share concerning potential marketing techniques and approaches?

I’m sure the team would like as much input as possible about all aspects of the project. Oh, and don’t forget to keep Austin weird.

And have a beer, on the house:

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Hi Ivan :slight_smile:

Great to see you here, especially because of the length of time you have been a supporter.

May I ask were you active on the telegram channels?


Hi Ivan,

Likewise an energy sales guy! Some time ago I worked with AEP and then we merged with C3 Communications based out of Austin. Awesome city and serious about their BBQ!



Hi Tim,

Thanks man - good to see you here as well. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve also been a supporter a quite some time, correct?

I haven’t been super active on the Telegram channels, but now that I’ve got a little more time available I plan on spending more time on them.



Nice - I know C3 very well. Good to see you here, mate.



Hey Bryan - thanks man! Apologies for the delayed response. I have several ideas and know of various techniques that could help to grow SNet.

Firstly, I’m sorry if any of this has already been done or suggested. I think the marketing team is doing an excellent job, and I’d love to collaborate in any way moving forward.

With that said, I’d suggest to start defining (if it hasn’t already) the high-growth industries to target i.e. Telcom, Health, Finance, etc, and then craft custom emails and social media posts / ads for prospects. The goal should be to engage with enterprises that could bring the highest network growth (potential SNet power-users). Establishing key partnerships early on is key (which I believe the team is fully aware of and is already doing a great job at).

With funding being limited, It’s important to find the most cost-effective marketing channels quick. Leveraging sophia for creative marketing stunts is probably the most effective method at the moment, however, there are many other angles the team should be exploring simultaneously. I would create smart campaigns using automation tools to reach as many target prospects as possible. I’ve used tools from Pardot, Marketo, and Zapier and all three are great for marketing automation. I’m sure in the near future we could leverage AI agents within SNet to automate marketing / workflows, but for now those are the 3 that I’d recommend to use.

As far as content goes, well that’s where the bulk of my ideas stem. I’ll definitely share more on the “suggest a project” topic, or perhaps start a new topic that focuses specifically on marketing. I’ll keep your posted.




As you may know, we are also developing AI services for in the biomedical industry. We do a lot of B2B meetings and we have quite some new partnerships. Recently we also announced DAIA (Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Alliance):

So regarding partners - that is definitely a key part of our strategy. However, it does not play out in the open as much but at the tables.

It depends on who you are marketing to. Surely, some automation is ideal when its purpose is to save the marketing team time and does not cut into the experience of others. I do not believe that certain subgroups of our audience would appreciate a clearly automated form of marketing. This especially does not work for developers. They hate being marketed to… I - as a developer marketing associate - have no interest in “selling” to them. Rather, I’d want to see how I can help them solve their problems best and further their goals. If they succeed, we succeed. Surely for other audiences, you may want to go for more traditional forms of marketing, but for developers, it usually does not work like that.

Very curious to see. I have a laundry list to go through for content for developers. Getting the right content right is crucial :wink:.