Human Resources, how AI could improve the Government Resources?

I would like to help improve the H human resources, I have some ideas, but I’m not an specialist in this area.

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I think humans are interesting and not everyone is comparable to the others. If we take human as a resource of work for example then we see hard working ones and some midrange performers to even low performers. This differs from one to another. There are many reasons why it is so. When we come to low performers the reasons are very wide spread.
Some can’t perform good because they don’t possess the qualifications. Some want to perform good but can’t because they dont possess the right tools to do their work efficiently. Some are simply not able to focus on one task only over extended amount of time. Some dont even care for work and just want to have a say and still do nothing the whole day. I’m sure almost everyone met the diffrent kind of humans.
What AI eventually can do is find the reasons for the lack of performance so they can be taken on individually. We have to be careful to not overload the human with work. What I most dislike is surreal expectations from someone above you looking at numbers only.

What i would find wonderful is to try and make the workload as even as possible. I am convinced that everyone can be brought to a level where they dont even need to try hard to deliver a good performance when the work load is shared fair and square. For those thinking to maximize out results is to be said that there will be the need of AI recognizing health issues and a good idia would be to make those hard pressing peoples accountable for the health state their workers are in.
A good idia of how this can be applied is here.

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Hi Anderson,
That’s you said it’s a big true, unfortunately in our society we have people who like to work, those who have to work and others who have the lucky to have a job.

In my point of view the last one are the worst, usually those are who doesn’t matter with the result and most of time, they doesn’t really matter with the coworkers, but also have the governments usually want resultst in a low cost environment and enormous effort.

Tgey don’t understand that with real motivation everyone is more productive, and sometimes don’t need to have much more money, but be accepted as a part of one whole.

People have different perspectives, experience and believes and that should be seen as an opportunity, also have different times and are more productive in that time, and this should be seen as an positive effort.

I see in AI an opportunity to this be evaluated by the government/employers and even the employees.

Imagine an AI that calculate the need of a product and could analyze the capacity of production of their own employees, that could increase with positive reaction and less stress.

But that is one way that I see, I hope it change something.

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