How can AI enhance a Blockchain as complementary to Smart Contract?

Hi everyone
I know that AI can be used to help to make a blockchain smarter. Smart Contracts can be written and if the peoples writing the smart contract are good then they can implement diffrent ways to proceed when a key point is reached.

What if the smart Contract was written poorly and one side is to be the one loosing big times. How can this be taken care of and how can AI be used to prevent or change the decision taken if something were to go in the obviously wrong direction? Can AI have the right to nullify a Contract.
For the understanding:
If I buy something with a crypto Token that I am not happy with or even got scammed, how can I get my funds back? It is nearly impossible at the moment to make undone. Is a Smart Contract enought? If I am not happy with the product they delivered and i communicate it to the seller or the smart contract, and the seller has another view point than me can be a solution found?
Write out what you think, it will help me to make a defined picture of the diffrent possibilities. Thank you

This will not be part of the first SingularityNET scalable release, but for future SingularityNET releases, I would like to see smart contracts represented in a declarative logic form … and then compiled into procedural form only when they need to be executed on some VM.

This would minimize the odds of issues like you describe, because smart contracts could then be proven logically to have certain desirable properties before execution…


Dfinity is doing this right now. Replacing “Code is the law” by AI managed environment and remedy to (in)famous Ether dao hack type of incident.

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Interesting… would that mean SingularityNET’s own blockchain?

But They have not produced anything except the website.

I’d use better PL and crypto tech instead. Take a look at OASIS for instance.

Try and get a copy of Equitable Remedies by I.C.F. Spry. (or equivalent)… Contract law.