Hi. I'm Olga 😊


Hi everyone. I am Olga Lipina. My specialization during the educaiton has been “Mathematics and Computer Science” and my profession is Software Testing Engineer (QA Engineer). I know Russian and English language so you can use them in conversation with me.
I am the wife of @Rustam :grinning: One day I saw the discussion about AGI in one of the groups in Telegram and I told my husband about it. He has learned a lot of information about this project and was very impressed about its vision and team. He told me a lot about it. Now I am also interested in this project. It’s cool that I always know all news about the project because Rustam is volunteer.
I believe in the team of SingularityNET and wish them good luck.


Welcome onboard Olga - Rustam has been a wonderful member of our community and has been so helpful to @ibby and the team.

Great to have you here, and if we can help in anyway let us know!


Welcome Olga! It is so great to have you here and thank you already so much for the testing you did together with Rustam :smiley:. It is so great to see that you both are very passionate about it and I really hope to see more of the both of you here. I hope you will enjoy the forum!


Hi Olga welcome to our Community it is amazing to see Rustam and you supporting this project. Your husband did alot for the Community and told me how you support him. You are both great and i think our Community is very lucky having you with us. :raised_hands:


It’s very pleasant to read your comments. Thanks guys😘