Hi, I'm Craig


I have been writing and debating on the topic of phenomenology and the Hard Problem of Consciousness since around 2003. I have worked with computers most of my life, and while by no means an expert on AI, I know enough to have picked up MCSE and CCEA certifications. I am pro-technology and pro-science, although it may not seem that way to some people.

I have a long, sprawling conjecture that is somewhere in between a crackpot theory of everything and the greatest metaphysical synthesis ever devised, depending on your perception, that I call Multisense Realism. Some key insights trace back to my early experiences with programming games in Atari BASIC.

I have posted quite a bit on Quora as well, often on subjects related to the limitations of information science and neuroscience, and I have done some presentations also over the past few years.

Nice to meet you. I look forward to many exhausting and intriguing exchanges. :grin:


10 Print “Welcome Craig”;
20 goto 10



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Hi Graig
I think you found the right place to debate about conciousness and how AI eventually can reach that point of evolution. Welcome to our SingularityNet Community forum

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Thanks Aderson!

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