Hi, I'm Cassandria - a community volunteer and project manager

Hey folks, I’m thrilled to be a part of the community beta testing! Thanks Ibby for the invite <3 Really means a lot!

I’ve been involved in the community mostly as part of the “animation volunteers” group and was responsible for the creation of our first community video titled SingularityNet: An Overview along with Tim Richmond and Matt aka malexaffey.

I am a singularitarian, a thinker and a creative type. Professionally, my primary background is in project management and marketing.

It’s great to be here :grin:


Hi Cassandria! It is so great to have you hear on the forum :smile:. Welcome :heart:.

You should definitely post the video in the Creatives, Art & Literature. I think I should create a second pinned topic there where I will gather all the volunteer created works :smiley:!

Are you by any chance also interested in AI-related creative works and artistry? @Joel on our team is very interested in deep learning for artistic purposes and he recently posted the topic Deep Silicon - Nvidia 1070 chip deep dreaming itself which you might like too.

High-five on the marketing background! I also look forward to your thoughts on creating functional digital space culture - as we discussed - where diverse thoughts can be expressed about difficult topics in order to be able to discuss the hard things for the greater good. Perhaps some of these ideas could be explored in the Scientific Futurism & The Singularity category, and we could also work together on an official code of conduct :smile:?

@Cassandria is in the house! You’ve gained so much respect in the volunteers group (rightfully so). It’s awesome to have you on the Community Forum, especially during this early testing phase. Looking forward to collaborating and getting more of your feedback and ideas!

Thanks for the warm welcome! It’s funny you mention “AI-related creative works and artistry”. A year ago, I was working on a project to turn a building (an old abandoned museum on a remote Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras) into an intelligent, self-aware, AI-driven creative art installation. Basically, the vision was a building that would be not only a piece of art in itself, but also capable of interacting with and turning input (images/photos/sound) from visitors into art in a sort of interactive, real-time, intelligent mirror. The project never really got off the ground and I wasn’t able to secure the funding needed for developing the space… and so here I am :rofl::rofl:

I will definitely check out @Joel 's posts, and head over to the creatives section right now to share the video, along with some other material I’ve worked on.

It’s sooo good to be here :smiley:


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Thanks for the warm welcome Ryan! Nice to finally e-meet you! So, you’re the mad genius behind all official singularitynet content creation!!? I sincerely hope we can work together closely in the near future :wink:


Welcome Cassandria, great to have you here :slight_smile:

That sounds so cool. Maybe you should give it another try through this forum? Perhaps either via suggest a project if you would like to see it being picked up by someone else in the community, or share your project if you want to initiate it yourself.

Thanks! Will actually share a write-up / paper about this specific project very shortly.


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