Deep Silicon - Nvidia 1070 chip deep dreaming itself

Midway through 2017 I submitted a few pieces of art to a friend’s exhibition. My major peice was a variation on the deep dream process made famous by Google and that many people had already used to create interesting imagery.

I thought it’d be cool to take a high resolution image of the silicon chip used in the Nvidia 1070 GPUs, and then make the same GPU model run the deep dream on the image. In essence, an additional conceptual layer of recursion had been added, perhaps making the viewer wonder what is necessary for self-awareness?

To create an image large enough to print on an A0 canvas, I had to create my own tiling script because the image was something ridiculous like 15000x11000 pixels. I released it here - although please ignore the swearing around licensing, I think I had my grumpy pants on.


Oh wow! That looks amazing! I want this in my house :open_mouth:.

Hahaha I had a good laugh about the license… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lawyerly ■■■■■■■■, a living dystopia

Well looks like the Alpha network doesn’t know what it is yet :slight_smile:

Hahaha - maybe one day we’ll get to the point where it will classify it as “it’s me!”