Hi, I’m Siyu, high-tech industry researcher

I’m Siyu, currently working in a think tank group, and engaged in industry research, focusing on medicine and life sciences, also paying attention to artificial intelligence and blockchain. Prior to that, I had experiences working in an investment bank and a venture capital firm.


Welcome aboard Siyu! It’s great to have so many forward-thinking, technology enthusiasts like you here!

Keep on rocking the vision! :wink:


Ha~ Thank U for the reply! It’s really nice to meet so many technical guys and kind people here!

@siyu we have a lot of current and upcoming projects in the field of bioinformatics. It sounds like our team and other developers could use your feedback and suggestions!

Thank you Mr. Vanzo! Such as precision medicine, that face challenges of protecting patients’ privacy while using their genome data, data reflect their condition and living habits. It can’t be done without Blockchain and AI based advanced data analysis.

I’m honored to be one of the AGI holders.

Welcome to our SingularityNet Community forum Siyu.

Welcome Siyu! Great to have you here on the forum. At which think tank group do you work?

The field of AI in medicine is very interesting to us. Perhaps you will like to participate in this topic:

Some of our partners are also focused on decentralized data sharing by the way like oceanprotocol.com for example.