Hi i am Chris R., germany/russia/indonesia here

a pity i am not a programmer, i am the guy giving people good moments, help them to believe in themselves, most of the time working in sports. I am the guy without a normal job, but with many interests. I am the guy selling you something you never wanted to buy, I am the guy with 1000 ideas a day and i am a guy who believes in things others never believed in!
I learned in life that everything is always changing. That is why i love to take risks. I love to see new projects grow and i love to see things becoming great. At the end i want to change something. Since i am in crypto i like to have a look into new projects. AGI was since the first moment under my radar. Within my research it was not hanson robotics or sophia giving me a reason for believing in it. I have to say it was Ben Goertzel. The way he is believing in it makes me believing in it. That is why i am now “all-in” (just love to use this word). The critical aspect is that it feels bad to believe in things you not see. Right now i not see marketing, not see finished product, so i follow blind. So if there is a chance to support this project. I have soon plenty of time:)


Hey Chris,

welcome to the SingularityNET community!

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Welcome Mossa :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris and welcome to our Community forum. If you feel like giving this your all remember that SingularityNet is hiring. Nice having you with us.