Hi, Gilles here


Dutch guy, born in France. Daughter born in Japan, son born in the USA. Like to travel, both in the flesh, and in the mind. Like making music and explore the future with innovative and interesting people and other lifeforms.

Hoping for a time when knowledge generation systems are trusted again, so that fringe ideas can safely remain there and come out when ready to face the same scrutiny as the rest. Hoping AI can gain some of that trust.


Hi Gilles! Welcome to the forum :smiley:! Nice… internationally born family I see :wink:. Do you also speak multiple languages? What kind of music do you like to make? If it is a bit futuristic or AI-related it might be nice to share it with us in the creatives category.

I think you will be interested in the work of @deborah, our computational social scientist. She introduced herself here where she tells more about what she does.

I hope you will enjoy the forum! :blush:


Hi Ibby,

I’m very excited for you in this amazing capacity at SingularityNet. Great choice by the team to get you on board!

I was raised French/Dutch, picked up Japanese (spoken only) along the way. My English came from watching English comedies on TV10 in the Netherlands when I was a kid.

I fiddle around with the electric guitar. Lately I’ve been sucked into the synthwave 80s revival thing. As soon as my wife lets me buy a good MPE midi controller, I’m game :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

That is cool to know :smiley:! Ik kom namelijk uit Nederland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aah nice - well I hope you can get it soon :eyes:.


You might be interested in seeing what @Tim had shared the other day in the Creatives section. He also shares a passion for synth and guitar.


Oh, thanks! I’ve seen him around on Telegram, but this never came up. Great.


Hi :smile:

If you want to chat about synths and music DM me on Telegram :+1: