Hi everyone i am Aderson without the << n ;-)


Hi everyone i am Aderson Osoria and i am happy to be here around so many amazing peoples. I talk 4 languages so you can choose between German Spanish English and Italian to contact me any time, I had French in school but I do not count it as learned yet. I like Science and Tech alot and i read everything that fascinate me. Exactly because of my curiosity in those fields i came across SingularityNet and fell in love the more I knew about SingularityNet. My Field of expertise is Electrosurfaceplating, specialized in plating non conductive materials like polymers MID automotive. If you have any task you need help with then feel free to contact me and I will do my very best supporting you. I want to contribute as many I can to the SingularityNet Community together with everyone. SingularityNet is in its early stage and now we can contribute alot, until everyone acknowledge how amazing this project is and what it stands for. In few years we will look back and know that every effort we did was completely worth it. My pleasure to be here.


Hallo! ¡Hola Hello! Ciao!
Nice to have you here. Where is your homebase and what’s the story of the missing “n”? Did somebody steal it? Will you get it when you reach level 20? :thinking:


Hi Aderson, nice to see you here. Good introduction, I will try to find time for writing my own. Have smiled about “without n”, it’s good to start your participation in forum life with this clarification or you will “become” Anderson again :sweat_smile:


Hi haggard
I live in Switzerland and was born in Dominican Republic. My dad wanted to give me a special name that no one has so he took the n away from Anderson and made it Aderson🤣


Thank you Rustam. Nice to be here with everyone :+1:


So it was really a subtract N Son :joy:


Lol if you knew how my brothers name is.


Welcome!! :smiley: haha I ALWAYS got autocorrected on my iPhone on telegram when typing your name :tired_face:. I completely agree - I think in a year from now we will be all very proud to see how far we have come. The forum is the first step to allow for more ideas to bloom and to empower the community. I look forward to your posts!