I hope you’re all well. I read a message on telegram today. It said that it is a pity that some people don’t have an account on the forum. even those who have been on the project since day one.

That made me think. I’m sorry about that.

thanks to the whole staff of singularitynet. also thanks to everyone else who believes in the project. cucu


Hi Pascal
Welcome to our Community forum. Nice having you in here. I hope we can promote the forum more to all Community. When there is some news I prefer send a link from here. I believe the great idias and talks will be made in here, this will attract more and more members. :wink:

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I’m not sure if the goal is to bring everyone here. I guess these are two different platforms with different strengths.

What I see is that telegram has its advantages in direct fast communication and a wider range now.

Further I think telegram will play a important role for the cryptosphere.
While the forum provides and requires quality articles in a much more informative style.

All these different social media platform offer different style of interactive participation.
Medium, Reddit, Slack, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Mostly people will decide their participating style related to their unique goals and circumstances.

However it would be great when we can encourage more of our deep thinkers to our Forum.