Help with Wallet and Staking

Hi, need help:

How do I add new wallet to my staking which was on another wallet but I disconnected due to a compromise.

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Hi Graham

This page might help

This too

Hi Pmarie, I had a look cannot find anything on this subject. As explained my original wallet was compromised with my staking on here. I need to find out how I can transfer or connect my new MM so I can get my AGIX which connects on the old wallet - the staking is recurring.

If I try and add ETH to my old wallet to transfer to the new wallet, chances are it will be stolen. Is their a way I can circumnavigate this so I don’t loose the staked AGIX?

This is something SNET needs to resolve so more people don’t get scammed? Or come up with a solution that can resolve this issue?

Please hang in there and don’t yet despair
I will try to find out the answer to your problem on the singularity net ambassador discord channel and will get back to you
You can also best involve yourself in singularitynet and find your support through the same ambassador chanell on discord
I will advocate but am a newbie myself

You are admirable

Hi Pmarie, Thank you, stupidity ruled here, this was my fault. I am a little surprised SNET doesn’t have anything. My coins are locked recurring so…hopefully someone will know.

If this can be resolved happy to pass a few coins to SNET as a thank you.

I used telegram to find out about HYPC for the first time and was fooled, never again.