Hello World - Florin from Romania here!

I will start telling that I’ve heard about this project through social media sites.
From the first moment I was fascinated! The basic idea of this project is the most valuable of all I’ve heard so far. I’m glad to see so much enthusiasm and unity. SingularityNET community is the best!


Welcome to the community forum Florin. Nice to see you here!

Thank you for your warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome to our SingularityNet Community Floring.
You already made some grafics work for our Telegramm they are so wonderful and I appreciate your effort s much. We need smart members like you that show their support how they are the best able too. If a small fraction of our Community work together we can do wonderful things. Yes it’s nice to be here around so nice peoples

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I’m sure, over time, more people motivated by the project will join this wonderful journey.:relaxed: