Hello to all sentient vertebrates


Hi There,
I have followed some of B.G. work for quite some time, therefore I haven’t missed SingularityNET. I was kind of active in “Philosophers & futurist” thread, so I’m not complete newbie. I also possess few AGIs (originally I wanted just to support B.G. initiative, but later on I found out that BL world is not so unpromising as I have expected).

In “real life”, I do Data engineering and business analysis in banks and telco companies (currently in Zurich) to feed my descendants. But my background is more in theoretical economics and applied math. I’m boring person that drinks a lot of coffee and tries not to sleep more than 4 hours a day.

I promised to my son that I will try to upload him to Minecraft, so it seems I share the common goal w/ SingularityNET. I would like to know how the mind works, towards this goal I spend some part of my free time self-studying biology, neuroinformatics and neural nets.


Welcome to our forum :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


In the meantime, you could leverage his interest in Minecraft and turn him into an AGI researcher! Dr. Joscha Bach, in his proto-AGI MicroPsi 2 system, has created a proto-AGI that is being used to control players of Minecraft.

Joscha was on a panel discussion for the AGI-08 conference with Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson.

Very cool stuff and a great way to turn your son’s Minecraft obsession into something useful. Perhaps, once he realizes advanced AGIs will be deployed into the gaming environment, he will no longer want to be uploaded.

(Perhaps, just before he turns 18, and has yet to move out of the house, you’ll decide to upload him anyway.)


Hi Opici! Awesome to see you here too :smiley: I would love to see that more philosophers & futurist talks here… we have a category for #society where the impact of AI on society could be discussed and #futurology for the futurology talks. Suggestions for categories are always welcome in #feedback. I always thought about that category - too bad the ideas are not documented somewhere… some of them were really interesting and such a loss to see them pushed up in our chat histories.

I also think you would love the #algorithms and #agi category :stuck_out_tongue: maybe it will help you upload your son faster haha.