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I am a practicing artist who is experimenting with new digital media. I have a background in philosophy and art education, which is why I am also a secondary art teacher (my day job). I’m passionate about technology and its application in our lives to enhance the way that we interact with our world. I am interested in machine learning and how we determine the parameters of the technology we are developing. Here’s to contribute and also gaining from the threads and posts here, I am looking forward to some interesting and enriching discussions.



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What do you think about neural style transfer like this:

Is this interesting or boring for an artist?


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Hi w1kke,

I do think it is an interesting exploration. As it is being used in these context I find it to be more of a gag, but it has the potential to raise interesting questions about perception, observation and the importance of informational transference. These programs can be calibrated best using existing material. However, as an artist it becomes more interesting when we then interact with the existing program in new and unexplored settings where the parameters are then more fluid and unknown.


So do you think having a kit where artists could play with these filters by manipulating the parameters would be a service worth having?
This could be implemented on top of the SingularityNET platform.


Yes, I think that could be interesting. I wonder if it could include the use of various data types as well in order to generate some of the effects? (thinking about the use of sounds as well)

But having these types of artistic explorations become more interactive would offer an interesting perspective to everyone coming at the topic from different angles.


I like the look of this program here:

The principle of this project is probably applicable to other styles/filters, too.


Hi Christina
Welcome to our SingularityNet forum. It’s nice to see the Community grow with interesting peoples and I’m sure there will be many things to explore together with SingularityNet


Danced music
I think that fits quite good in here. Even if it’s a different medium. Awareness of how we interact with our bodies in the physical world is a very interesting topic as well as case to increase self awareness and a healthy sense of oneself. AI generated acustic feed back loops sounds quite interesting to me.
Thanks for your inspiration.


Thanks for the input. I do think that an increased awareness of our own interactions, and a deeper understanding of this physical sense/ tacit knowledge in a philosophical and practical way might help us better understand how to program AI and other machines more efficiently for authentic interactions.