Hello, I'm a beginner here

I recently invested in this project and I’m not a tech expert. I’m just a fan of Artificial Intelligence eventually I want to have my own AI for my needs and I envision that Artificial Intelligence will have a tremendous change to us.


Welcome to our SingularityNet Community forum. Nice to having you with us.


so what do you do in your life? Besides programmers there will be a bunch of jobs in the age of AI that are hard to imagine now. So maybe you can become a drone fleet dompteur or an AI psychologist.

Agreed with @haggard above. We’re also working hard to find ways for non-experts to be able to contribute directly to the project. That would be a game-changer! This forum is the first step of many in making that a reality. Great to have you here!

I would like to learn how to take care of Artificial Intelligence when the AI marketplace is up. I would take your suggestion and decide what is for the best. Thank you @haggard

That would great if we, the non-experts can help this amazing project. I’m a totally fan of this and I know that this has a tons of potentials. Thanks @Ryan

I think a good way to get involved is to contribute to discussions around how AI will shape #society. Topics in AI also relate to topics of philosophy and ethics. If you are interested in that, it would be awesome to see your thoughts about that there. After all - it is about how AGI can shape the future, and it is your future too :)!