Hello from Southern Germany


I am Matthias from southern Germany.
I work for an HR software company as an Account Based Marketing Manager.

Ray Kurzweil’s film “Transcendent Man” opened my mind to transhumanism at the time.
Through this I finally came across SingularityNet for whose vision of an AGI I try to generate awareness in the C-Suite of organisations.

Now I’m happy to be part of something big that ultimately makes us all to “Transcendent Men (m/w/d)” :wink:


Nice that you found the way to our SingularityNet Community forum. Nice to having you with us :+1:


Hey there,

I am from Southern Germany as well, specifically the very very South - Lindau.

Great to have you as part of the community!


Great to see the community grow in Germany as well.
I am from Villingen-Schwenningen.