Hello from Australia


Hi All,

I’m Chris and I’m from sunny Perth, Australia.

I’m a non-coder, with a background in finance and am really interested in exploring possibilities of utilising AI agents in forecasting and predictive analytics as this space grows with the SingNET development over the coming years.

Originally contributed to the ICO late last year and am a long-term HODLer.

I’m especially interested in the SingNET partnership with Ocean Protocol - huge potential in growing the data sharing economy and especially relevant over the past few months given the exposure of Facebook data privacy breaches etc.

I’ll definitely be looking to organise meet-up events in my area over the next few months! We can so easily forget just how young this Blockchain space is…


Welcome Chris!

Please bring some of that glorious Perth weather to our forum!

I’m in the process of creating a VR environment for our members, so when you are talking with people about meetups, please also ask if they have vr or at the very least if they plan to get it in the near future.


Altspace VR is available for Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Daydream and Gear VR.

You can also join a room with no vr at all, but it’s kind of difficult to control and visualise the space this way.

Check out my post on altspace VR.


Thanks Tim - great to hear the VR news, I’ve got plenty of friends with VR sets. Very interested to see how this develops!

If I can be of any assistance, let me know. More than happy to help out.


Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Perhaps you would like to keep an eye on the #applications category where you can perhaps find some applications in the future that would be useful to you, but you can also suggest specific application ideas in #projects:suggest-a-project. Perhaps if you currently work for a finance company, your company may have a specific need. Feel free to share it with us!

The partnership with Ocean Protocol will definitely be interesting and hopefully solve many of the current issues. If you would like to talk more about data privacy and how this impacts society, do participate in #society category where we discuss how AI can impact societal issues and how it can also solve them when done right.

And it is supercool that you would like to organise meet-up events in your area! Have you done this before? I would love to learn more about it.